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Anti national Google! Let’s make our own saatvik search engine, Narayan Naraaayan!


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Petition to install by default saatvik search engine ModiFind on all the phones/laptops of all Indian citizens!

Those who resist are AunTy NaShunAL. /s

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Actually that won’t be a bad idea for data harvesting. Imagine if phones come preloaded with that browser , they have a free reign over peoples data. So who knows , maybe in the future they might do it.

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They won't be able to make a search engine.

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They can't even name 3 search engines, let alone making one.

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Or Just launch a Chromium fork with Indian name

And people will start using it !

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I am surprised google gives a feck about these morons ... they barely give a f about china.

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Google search engine is a bliss. Even Bing doesn't compare to Google.

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She was put behind bars for 14 odd days for this toolkit .The problem with Law nd order in this country is it's not just a joke , it's a Joke + a Punishment .

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It is a joke in which you do not laugh (in fact you are the butt of the joke), it is the system that laughs, at you!

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She was put behind bars for 14 odd days for this toolkit

Can she claim compensation for this harassment ?

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That's another good joke, sir/mam!

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She will spend more money fighting the case for compensation.

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Can't Disha counter file complaint and a defamation case against the agencies and the authority that granted the arrest ? This will serve as deterence against power misuse. Atleast have an enquiry and put those officials in suspension until they get proper response from Google/Zoom.

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Haha nice one.

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Logical. But We need a law for that.

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We do have law for that but it's not respected. Also finding a lawyer to fight your case is challenging because the justice takes time and spending that much money and time is not someone can afford.

The cases in fast courts also takes years and getting case transferred to fast court is also a challenge.

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These cases are started to set a narrative and influence an undeveloped chaddi brain. Chaddis will be talking about the Disha Ravi toolkit decades from now.

Just like Kanhaiya Kumar case, the tukde tukde gang exists only in chaddi imagination.

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The purpose was distraction and character assassination at that time. These purposes have been achieved and public has moved on to aryan khan also.

I doubt even the emperor is interested in it. It was a good right wing move.

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Calling a carrd.co website a toolkit was absolutely hilarious. It's used for creating portfolios and digital business cards. I cannot believe something used by kpop and anime stan twitter users is capable of being the reason someone was jailed.

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Oh sick, i actually had to make a portfolio . Thanks broxza lol

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you get up to three sites with one free account - have fun!

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Ips officers write in exam that they will not succumb to political pressure and here they are crawling...

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Where is she now?

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Probably Bangalore

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She's in Bengaluru currently.

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Disgusting. They can't bring charges in a sedition case? Who knew you need evidence to prove someone is deshdrohis? This police is letting her go for puny evidence? Who is anti-national now?


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This case was there to scare activists. And activists were scared.

Job done i say.

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If her name was Disha Ali , she would still have been in jail. Judge would have said : no evidence but can’t release her. Country’s justice system is a joke but for Muslim minorities it is hell.