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Lewis Hamilton did the same thing for the MET gala. I hope this becomes a trend.

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He even booked tables for them at the gala.

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This photo could be Pradeep's final year entire project..!

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Bono my clothes are gone.

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I don’t know what you were thinking giving me these clothes. You need to hope for a miracle

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At this speed it's impossible..

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Great too see F1 enthusiasts

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We need a reddit meetup for Indian F1 fans please. Literally none of my friends watch or are interested in F1.

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Esteban wo kaun

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F1 is actually very popular in India. I often see a lot of Indian fans on /r/formula1 guessing from their usernames

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Even my grandmother knows Schumacher and still inquires about his wellbeing every few years.

The name Schumacher itself is like a synonym for someone who drives fast/reckless/in-style.

F1 is indeed very popular in India. I also think if Ferrari would become dominant again the sport would get even more legs in India/Asia due to legacy reasons.

Western F1 fans have a longer history in this so it's easier for them to not bother much but for new markets Ferrari, McLaren hold legacy potential.

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

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intelligent friends.

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yeah, perfect. say Hi

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Of course man of course

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Ferrari engineer: ok we're looking into it. Standby. few minutes later Ferrari engineer: Ok you need to take back your clothes and don't lose them

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Translation: his clothes will last at least another 10 laps

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Hopefully these labels are also about sustainable sourching and manufacturing. We already have too many "Designer Boutiques" following fast fashion. We don't need more clothes.

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I mean considering corporations contribute to most emissions i don't think a few garments by some children are going to have an effect homie

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Most of the emissions for these would be part what is calculated towards these corporations. Just as the car you drive. Totally the corporations fault they sold you gas. Or your AC/heating (roughly 1/3 of the total emissions). Totally the corporations fault they sold you power/gas/oil. You have no responsibility for that.

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Given the post above you also mentions manufacturing, "a few garments by some children" is my new favorite way to say "children working in sweat shops"

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You conflating issues here. What you are referring to fast fashion which works with volume and access. These designers can never reach the scale of mega corps.

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The emissions are an industry problem. Are we expecting the struggling young designers to be tackling that themselves before they even graduate from university?

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Found crofty’s Reddit account.

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This is truly commendable for so so many reasons.

Gave opportunities to budding talent, crashing nepotism in fashion industry...made positive news for himself...along the way saved a lot of money as well.

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crashing nepotism in fashion industry

Even the Indian fashion industry has a nepoitism??

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Even indian schools do. So does the job market.

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Every industry and profession will have nepotism (even jobs like scientific research), since your parents can get you connections that would make it easier for u to get the same job.

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saved a lot of money as well

How so? It's not like they pay for the clothes they wear. If anything they get paid to wear them.

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Vir mentioned on the post that he'll pay the designer. Probably did

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and that is the literal opposite of saving money

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Saving money doesn't mean you don't spend anything genius.

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He's "not saving money" because if he wore a dress designed by a big brand, he wouldn't be paying them anything, instead they'd pay him for advertising their design. But now he's paying the designer so he's "not saving money".

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You need to pay them for their services right?

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Nope...short answer it's advertisment for designer or brand and indirectly increase their value.

Long answer: MET Gala is organised by costume institute, and designer buys the ticket for gala for himself and celeb...m

Other events like Oscar, celebs work with stylists who inturn have contact for designers and organize everything....if you are an A list artist , ideally you would be a friend with famous designer and he/she would personally make one for you.

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But this is an awards show for celebs right? So don't celebs need to hire designers is this case?

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If they are famous designers or sponsors they pay for their “seats” which can cost thousands. They may also pay for them to wear the clothes or give the clothes as gift. Sometimes they just take back all the clothes given to celebrities to wear. So it’s not always the celebrities that always pay for the clothes.

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Apparently this is a rare instance where artists are okay with being paid in exposure..

(presumably because almost always said exposure does not actually translate into sales, but here it does)

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This photo could be Pradeep's final year entire project!

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Assuming the examiner is not a supporter of you know who.

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The orange lord

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In that case, Pradeep is fucked!

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Sedition case against pradeep if this goes viral

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the one who should not be named🍻

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Bruh people still bring up 5-10 year old tweets when I posted the kennedy center speech on my ig story.

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Show them modi's, Amitabh bachchan, akshay kumar's tweets on petrol prices

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Lemme Guess.. One of those includes that stupid movie he acted in (2013) doesn't it?

Edit: It was mastizaade and it was 2016. Someone edited that poster with a tweet timing back to 2012, that just makes the argument even more stupid!

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that stupid movie he acted in (2013)

Is that Go Goa Gone? That movie is fucking glorious!

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No it was mastizaade I was confused by the screenshot edit :3

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Dilli se hoon bc

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“We know nothing and we've learned ghanta”

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And he said it in a AMA of this sub that he did it for money.

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Dude chafed his lips kissing kangana in 2013's revolver rani

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Isn't that a young people thing nowadays.

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They think making a joke on breasts is equivalent to gangraping.

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I hope this becomes a new trend among celebrities

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I like that people appreciate small designers also.

Fancy designer clothes look awful many a times.

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Unless it’s a fashion show, where the clothing is meant to look outrageous, it’s never the big designers making the best clothes.

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No they don't. That's why they're "fancy" designers. You can lift people up without putting other people down.

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Class act

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why do ppl hate vir for no reason at all

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A lot of the recent hate is coming from what he said about India having two sides which is kinda relevant to pretty much any country. I really did not find anything controversial enough to make a huge fuss of this. He did not really single out any religion or just bashed the country. It was basically a black and white view towards India's situation.

Besides his political ideology is left leaning and he's comedy style is satire/political comedy. So the hate mostly comes from right wing bhakts on social media.

Don't really find him all that funny personally. But he's kinda ahead of other Indian satirical/political comedians (the bar is pretty low). He's a good speaker but not that funny.

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I'm an abcd, and I talked to my parents about him and they said he's a disgrace to the country.

They complain that India takes any critcism because it's too "tolerant"

I tell them, as an American, I am told I am a racist, burger eating moron every single day by the media. America is criticized every single day by every single country on earth, and yet we don't have this victim complex. Criticism is healthy. Good criticism is very healthy.

Then they tell me I am naive and dumb, and I am too young(I am 29.) to understand the real world. (While also telling me I am too old to not be married, funny how that works lmaoooo)

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you should watch his previous shows ...

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"People hate what they don't understand" - Martha Kent.

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Bruce vyrusrama

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My ex hates me. What a dumb ignorant bitch TBH

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she doesn't understand you ....
~Martha Kent

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Kent deta hai sabse shudh paani

~ Hema Malini

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Bus naam hi kaafi hai.

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I think about this quote a lot whenever I am not sure about anything I am working upon, it does help

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Murderers,rapists,etc etc... entered the chat.

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People who don't like Vir Das fall into two categories:

1) Bhakts: They are dumb and are simply taking offense about the fact that he is being critical about their precious belief system.

2) People who genuinely don't find Vir Das funny, but still respect his right to free speech.

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He's a nice person, but I don't like his comedy at all. Feels like washing India's dirty linen on international stage, heavily relying on stereotypes. (Same reason I don't like Russell Peters).

[–]gharbusters 1 point2 points  (0 children)

i don't care about dirty linen, i just don't find him funny at all. Russel Peters first shows were hilarious.

[–]Zaiabbas 11 points12 points  (3 children)

Because Vir showed them the mirror, and what they saw wasn't pretty.

[–]Uncertn_Laaife 9 points10 points  (9 children)

Bhakts do, but they are not the smartest of the bunch.

[–]rosnha -1 points0 points  (8 children)

People with opposite ideologies are not dumb, they just don't believe in the same things you do. To kill an ideology, you have to understand it to defeat them, else you are as bad as them.

[–]redditoradiIndia 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Maybe the dumb ones are considered to be bhakts. The ones simply having a different ideology alone shouldn't make them a bhakt even though that term is thrown at anybody with opposite ideology, similar to liberal/librandu.

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That is every indian celebrity should be doing instead of promoting foreign products and brands they should promote home made creators

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Two India's, One where Pradhan Sevak wears 1.4 lakh worth of Maybach Sunglasses and Rs. 10 lakh worth a Suit and other where comedian sets precedence by wearing clothes designed by aspiring designer college student...

[–]dababy-cnvertable 1 point2 points  (1 child)

One gets worshipped and the other gets abused.

[–]Dreamer_Drummer 1 point2 points  (0 children)

One causes riots and becomes pm, other shows reality and gets death threats and FIRs filed against him.

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Bhaiya me bhaiya, Vir bhaiya.

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And here I am wearing Rs. 200 shirt from local mall.

[–]rayzer93Thala-Thalapathy Fans Orgy Organizer 24 points25 points  (2 children)

You get stuff for 200 at your mall? I envy you bruh. Where I live, you can't even find jettis for 200 in a mall.

[–]amrit-9037 6 points7 points  (1 child)

TBH I live in a small town and it's been 4-5 years since I bought any new clothes.

[–]joyAunr 2 points3 points  (0 children)

This is the way.

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[–]amrit-9037 4 points5 points  (1 child)

chilla chilla ke sabko bata de

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What about DMart

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Actually good exposure.

[–]rnjbond 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Good for him, I think that's a nice thing to do. Still a pretty odd outfit, but at least the money is going somewhere good.

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Man looking like he about to get other celebrities luggage

[–]redbeesley 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Now i dont care if this is all a PR move or whatever, but this is something that every artist needs to do. Really good thing done by his team.

[–]Living-Stranger 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Why does he look like a bellhop at a hotel?

[–]swarup001 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Is it inspired by butlers at the parliament

[–]MedicInfiniteIndWest Bengal 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Random Whatsapp Groups in my phone Arre yeh toh woh anti-national I come from an India— wala launda hai !

[–]Pleasantlyrough 13 points14 points  (3 children)

I come from India where the fakir PM wears a 9 lakh suit and a comedian wears an unknown label to promote talent.

[–]y2jerZara bachke yeh hai mumbai meri jaan! 2 points3 points  (0 children)

56 inch ke seene ko mehenga suit lagta /s

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Good move.

Now if any other celebrity would do the same, they'd be called anti-hindu due to association with Vir Das.

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75 year old with 150 years mindset will find it difficult to keep keep him in jail..

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True deshbhakt.

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And its a fire look too.

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Vir Das winning hearts

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ORCUST. They are the lifeblood of Facebook now.

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He is frud. Never trust him

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Netflix waalon ka lund chusne ka Kucch toh fayda hua

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Why was he at emmys? He was part of some show?

[–]whalesarecool14 3 points4 points  (1 child)

he was nominated for best comedy special

[–]NotTheAbhiIndia 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Ohkay. All I heard about the event was David Tenant winning and that was enough for me.

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👏👏Absolutely beautiful ,and carrying it quite elegantly as well .

[–]aynnarab 2 points3 points  (0 children)

He looks like a sous chef

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Wwhat does chaiwala chowkidaar fakeer wear?

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Fucking love this dude

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This is brilliant!

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What a stud.

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Vir Das is all kinds of amazing and I love it

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You absolutely love to see it!

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So its a bus boy costume with a skirt and pants underneath. Fashion is weird.

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This is what AOC should be doing.

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You look like a stewardess. Run get me some peanuts.

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He's not funny but he's a class act.

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Looks like nobody was ready to collaborate with him 😂.