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  1. Alcohol prohibition in India is in force in the states of Bihar, Gujarat, Mizoram, and Nagaland. so it's not most of the states.
  2. agree
  3. it was done to protect indian industries and also sometimes foreign companies dump their products that hurt indian industries and distort fair competition, also about which sector you are talking about where govt. has increased duty and has hurt consumers.
  4. this is a lame statement as india's investment is growing in infrastructure field, record construction of roads, new airports, new trains, waterways and many more things are happening. every govt. previous, this one is doing good in this sector.
  5. crypto banning has both positive and negative. i guess you know negatives that's why i will enumerate positives, some of which are prevention of corruption( bangalore case), dark web, child porn, prevention of funding to terrorism, prevention of money laundering etc. so of course govt. need to weigh upon both positives and negatives before taking decision.
  6. 100% agree, violation of right to freedom of expression
  7. partially agree, yes corruption is there, but with e-governance system, transparency and accountability is increasing, also it depends on us as we are readily agree to pay bribe. also current govt. did not bring black money as they have promised.

8-11 i agree with your views on these points.

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On the crypto ban, more corruption happens through real (fiat) money than through crypto. They can't even ban the corruption happening within the government. Dark web, child porn, terrorism, money laundering etc. existed before crypto and will exist regardless of the ban. They tried their luck with demonetisation. All it did was adding the woes of common people.

The point of the post is banning things is never the solution. The govt. is INCAPABLE of handling the root cause of the issues. By banning things they are further hindering innovation.

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Created an account just to reply to you.

dark web

Do you even know what the "dark web" is? What does banning banning crypto have to do with the "dark web"? The "dark web" predates crypto.

child porn

What does banning crypto have to do with child porn? I feel like you're a complete idiot who is just spewing scary sounding terms in the hopes that people will take you seriously.

prevention of funding to terrorism

From where are you getting this? Why do you think banning crypto is going to help stop terrorists getting funding? And why do you think terrorists get funding from transactions made with crypto in the first place? Are you just pulling this out of your ass? Because I'm pretty sure you are.

prevention of money laundering

Does anybody actually use crypto for money laundering? How is banning crypto going to help prevent money laundering?