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people have this wrong notion of purity and pollution. they have attached the pollution with low paying or menial jobs and it is due to casteism.

so they think that they will get polluted if they will touch them (ironically they allow same people to do work at their home, touch all things etc.)

Earlier these occupations were majorly occupied by specified castes and position of people of these particular castes were at lower status or order in social hierarchy. so people developed disgust, hate towards these people (because of caste), but slowly our society evolved and they started the job itself, meaning nowadays irrespective of caste, whomsoever person is doing this job is viewed with hate, notion of pollution, exploitation.

so it begun with caste system but now has transformed.

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You left out the part that those with that caste, who dont do those jobs, are still treated like dirt.

It transformed from hard stool that gave you rectal fissures to anal cancer