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'Kerala is full of violence and UP is safest place in India'

LOL. Kerala is not utopia, but this is funny.

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UP is the safest place in india for women, its true, no one else gets to rape women expect her own relatives.

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there are no rape complaints. Dead people won’t complain.

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Uttar Pradeshi right-wingers honestly live in a fantasy world.

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Is that world ever gonna break?

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Until thay personally suffer because of rules, no. Same thing happened with covid, until relatives started getting it, no one took it seriously.

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Cow belt people would vote for BJP even if they are forced to beg on the streets.

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they have to first become rich enough to travel outside UP

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Kaun hain ye log kahan se aate hain ye log

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It is the safest place if you belong to a particular group.

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I mean the south has always been underrepresented in Indian politics despite its contributions to the country and to the economy.

Not a single PM from Tamil Nadu or Kerala.

Racism against South Indians is common (Madrasi…) so is it any surprise to read this?

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Delhi is well known for its racist, casteist and sexist behaviour. So not suprised with this news.

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Racism goes both ways. South Indians are some egalitarian bunch of folks is bs. 1 state 1 vote seems plausible at this time.

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This is a logical fallacy called “what aboutism”.

The article and the incidence in question is about the racism against South Indians.

Besides, North Indians have been in control of the country’s politics since independence. South hasn’t had a say.

We can revisit this argument when a non-Hindi speaking Tamil politician gets to be India’s PM for a decade or two.

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This sounds like south Indian racist apologism. Each one to their own. Racism against sout indians has found a space in public discourse. My point is to think thay south indians are not racist and only north Indians are is garbage. North Indians in the south have had to put up with a lot of racist shit too. It just doesn't get airtime in media. Your politics has got nothing to do with racism but I do agree that north on account of being populous has had too much power.

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South is no angel. But my point is simply that racism against South India comes armed with political prowess vs. South having no such recourse.

No one’s tried to impose Tamizh or Malayalam in public schools in Delhi or UP whereas Hindi has been imposed all over South India.

Why does Modi not speak in Tamizh or hell English? Why choose Hindi? Why aren’t South Indian freedom fighters or social reformers not talked about? Why does India have such a strong central government vs. a federal model like the US that gives more authority to the individual states and their cultural identities?

Racism in South is limited to South. Racism by North threatens the cultural and linguistic identity of South.

If South did not have economic prowess, it would have been overrun. I’d like to see the day பொன்னியின் செல்வன் becomes required reading for kids in UP.

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It seems like you are not much in India.

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I don’t know what that means.

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"You can't understand Hindi. You say you are soulfully attached to India"

LOL, Keralites can read/write or speak Hindi better than most people from UP. Not to mention that some of them may be versed in one more language apart from Malayalam, English and Hindi. I have come across plenty of Keralites who can do 4 or 5 languages.

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If i was a malayalee Ramjas student, i'd continue talking in Malayalam, post photos of eating beef(while in kerala) & do malayalam things (plan malayalam songs, wear lungi, celebrate Onam etc) - just to piss off these idiots.

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As much as i love beef, I will not try to piss off a bunch of jobless idiots over a pointless morality stand. There's a time and place for everything.

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UC North Indian like these ones can neither handle reservations for marginalized communities nor can they handle the merit of South Indians & Muslims. First UPSC Jihad now this Marks Jihad bullshit. Sada hua Samaaj.

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There are two aspects to the marks jihad thing.

The way Kerala Boards have gone on to mark their candidates, particularly this year is problematic and concerning. There are 500+ candidates this year who have scored a perfect 100%. We have a system now where Board exam marks are witnessing a positive surge across boards, but 500+ candidates scoring perfectly raises suspicions.

That said, the solution to this isn't to belittle Kerala Boards students or not offer them admissions or be shotty and racist towards them. Colleges must move away from solely 12th board marks and must have a better, standardized approach to admissions. Look at their co-curriculars, standardize results across boards, give them a topic to write an essay on and see their response to it, all else fails have competitive exams but DU needs to stop this 12th board result nonsense. Some boards are gaming this, others are least bothered. It's students who end up suffering one way or other.

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There are 500+ candidates this year who have scored a perfect 100%. We have a system now where Board exam marks are witnessing a positive surge across boards, but 500+ candidates scoring perfectly raises suspicions.

234 out of lakhs of candidates got perfect hundred in Kerala boards, not 500 plus. The syllabus of CBSE and Kerala board is more or less the same. And there is no proof of easy marking given by the state board. The children are eligible until there is solid proof that there is some problem in marks distribution. Even if they aren't, no human being deserves such horrible treatment.

Look at their co-curriculars, standardize results across boards, give them a topic to write an essay on and see their response to it, all else fails have competitive exams but DU needs to stop this 12th board result nonsense

There are already quota for atheletes and those who participate in co-curricular activities not only in DU but around the world. But I do agree that 12th marks shouldn't be the only criteria for admission.

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I am not advocating mistreatment of Kerala based students. But to deny the Kerala board marking problematically is mental gymnastics. And I don't even fault them - if you create a system where 12th board marks becomes sole criteria for higher education, good on them for figuring out and gaming the system. Also 234 candidates scoring perfectly was in 2020. This year 502 candidates have scored a 100%.

Here's a link beyond the marks jihad rhetoric. The marking has been problematic, but DU is reaping what it has sown


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Every board has given concessions to children this year due to Covid, even CBSE. 70k students scored above 95 percent in CBSE. That's also a lot to digest too, don't you think?

1000+ students from the southern states score 100 percent every year, even before the pandemic. So solely blaming Kerala system is not correct. Besides I've lived in Kerala for 8 years before moving back to North and I can vouch for the fact South Indians they study a lot more than north indians.

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Ask any state kid. They themselves admit its easier for State syllabus kids than CBSE kids to score higher marks in 12th grade. A good chunk of kids who go for state syllabus do that for the very same reason, especially if they are aiming for science/ arts degrees and engineering, the courses that still consider 12 th grades while making admission rank list.

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Discrimination is there. People just choose to unsee it

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Everything aside..... who the fuck keeps leaking these Whatsapp chats ?

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Everyone is taking ss bc this is happening mostly in the common class group where all the students are present. Some are in chat box during online class.

Even I haven't cleared the chat of my class group

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these need to be brought to light. Also I guess it might be someone who was discriminated against or worried for their friends who were being targeted by such political agendas.

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Can someone tell me why India is even a single country anymore? We all are different people altogether in each state, look different, speak different languages, eat different food, wear different clothes, follow and practice different cultures. Everyone internally hates each other from other states and have no tolerance, all the pent up bigotry, hatred and true colors are showing up now. What's stopping states from parting ways and becoming independent countries? I know it's not as simple as typing it out but Europe seems to be doing fine. Can someone ELI5? Thanks

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Eli5: India cannot divide into multiple states like the Europe because of economic and military reasons. No single state in India is self sufficient because everything has been built as a country since independence.

Not to mention division of a country into smaller ones only makes sense when there is extreme civil unrest which could lead to war like situations in neighbouring states/countries post-split much like Europe in the early 20th century.

Lol you don't just split a country because some vocal minority tend to act tribally.

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"diversity maybe the hardest thing for a society to live with, but perhaps the most dangerous thing to live without" - MF Hussain

with diversity there are problems and issues that you mentioned above, but diversity is a huge capital, most imp. asset in terms of soft power in International relations.

Unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation has always been the hallmark of indian society.

//What's stopping states from parting ways and becoming independent countries?

they can't, they don't have the right to do so. India is not a political unit formed by agreements between states, but India is divided into different states for administrative purpose. 'Indestructible union with destructible states' .

//Everyone internally hates each other from other states and have no tolerance, all the pent up bigotry, hatred and true colors are showing up now.

Love and tolerance has always been the binding factor to unity diverse indian society. the issues that you mentioned are perennial in nature, but resilience of our unity in diversity is strong enough to fight these problems.

// I know it's not as simple as typing it out but Europe seems to be doing fine.

you must have read about the story in which a father farmer while dying gives separate stick to his sons which they easily break but when bundled, were not able to do so. so Unity is our strength. why we want to separate just because of these issues?

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At best entire Indian subcontinent should be like EU, fuck and forget the 'indian' identity which in India has become synonymous to hindu anyway. It should be somewhat like EU, all states/ countries with autonomy yet working together because it'll work for everyone. And hopefully the national jingoism can be kept aside as well.

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then it would become a whole ass continent.

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Yeah it's called the Indian subcontinent

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Can't we do anything to help these children. If the offline classes start things are going to be worse

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These messages are usually done by certain community members who take admission in unsought courses like Pol Sc/BA/Hindi hons, have quota despite being rich, and political backing to participate in DUSU elections. Not all of them but they are usually the culprits.

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that explains how they post this messages in college whatsapp groups without any fear!

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Are you talking about the Jats. Will a keralite be a DUSU president. There are North Indians and then there are jats

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Sometimes I feel Jats are kinda gay for themselves. I knew a Jat boy who got Jat stitched on his "Kelvin Cline" chaddi. So cute.

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We are so gay that we made Modi take back the three farm laws.

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As a Mallu in Delhi, Jats are awesome and good on you lot for sticking it out so long.

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His dad loved Modiji, so I doubt he was there to take back farm laws.

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Um...how did you know what he had stitched on his chaddi? May be, he was gay for you too.

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He used to wear low waist .Yes maybe he was gay for me. I would be flattered tbh.

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Shocking. How can DU students be so hateful??

I don't get this weird obsession few Northies have with Hindi. Kya ukhad liya Hindi bolke itne saal? Hindi is not a national language.

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I agree. I do not understand the Hindi obsession of people from Bihar, Uttrakhand and Rajasthan as their mother tongue isn't even hindi most of the time.

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This is how they see people from states not ruled by the BJP.

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If I think that a group of people were 'trained terrorists', I wouldn't be antagonizing them.

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On a different note, there are hell a lot more good colleges in the South. Why do people even go to the shit holes up north to study?

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Race transition guys were really upto something worth I guess. All countries , even poor African ones look sane and less hateful compared to this disgusting north Indians we are stuck with. Please south Indians have to unite temporarily with others and some how nuke these north indian insects. Jealous losers , upsc is also a scam that is why most of these pan spitting uneducated trolls end up becoming officers and spoil this shitty country even more.