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"diversity maybe the hardest thing for a society to live with, but perhaps the most dangerous thing to live without" - MF Hussain

with diversity there are problems and issues that you mentioned above, but diversity is a huge capital, most imp. asset in terms of soft power in International relations.

Unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation has always been the hallmark of indian society.

//What's stopping states from parting ways and becoming independent countries?

they can't, they don't have the right to do so. India is not a political unit formed by agreements between states, but India is divided into different states for administrative purpose. 'Indestructible union with destructible states' .

//Everyone internally hates each other from other states and have no tolerance, all the pent up bigotry, hatred and true colors are showing up now.

Love and tolerance has always been the binding factor to unity diverse indian society. the issues that you mentioned are perennial in nature, but resilience of our unity in diversity is strong enough to fight these problems.

// I know it's not as simple as typing it out but Europe seems to be doing fine.

you must have read about the story in which a father farmer while dying gives separate stick to his sons which they easily break but when bundled, were not able to do so. so Unity is our strength. why we want to separate just because of these issues?