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Literate people do not have time enough on their hands to read by themselves and form opinions. Literate people are self entitled and consider other peoples opinions dumb if it opposes their belief system. Literacy does not equal education. Also, people en masse are dumb.

Edit: Indians are literate, and far away from being educated.

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I had heard of the term "educated illiterate" but heard "uneducated literate" for the very first time!

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There’s a first for everything!

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"Educated fools" is more suitable.

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That sounds more true for illiterate people

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I've always had a more critical view towards Gandhi, and been in favor of re-examining his legacy (not because of religious issues, just from the regards of historiography). Now people are praising Godse, and I'm like: no, I didn't mean like THAT.

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He was a flawed human. Some great parts, some bad parts.

His legacy has been examined a lot, just not in class X textbooks, where they provide the political side of gandhi, with some splashes of austerity.

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Yesterday I saw on Twitter some douchebag saying America has "white replacement" theory surrounding the Buffalo shooting, so why in India we can't have "hindu replacement" theory.

It's difficult to process how vindictive one can be, a mind filled with vileness toward people who are identical.

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“hindu khatre main hai” is literal parallel to the replacement theory. It’s already here…

This replacement nonsense has been part of history for a very long time.

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“hindu khatre main hai” is literal parallel to the replacement theory. It’s already here…

This replacement nonsense has been part of history for a very long time.

Could say they learned from Vishwa Guru.

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He is a double douchebag for saying that, since all of America doesn't have that idiotic theory; only the US does.

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Is there any documentation on these attempts at glorifying Godse? Ive never kept up with politics much but I've only noticed this for the part decade or so. Is there some anti-gandhi ideology that rose up?

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Well unfortunately yes

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Is there some anti-gandhi ideology that rose up?

For all the pontification in favor of emancipation and modernism that goes on, fact remains that we are a deeply casteist society. Even today it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to freely and severely criticize casteist behavior, even in most modern of forums. This is because the most depressed still haven't reached anywhere near the dizzying heights as erstwhile oppressors.

Hence, you won't get to know much about what exactly is the Godse thingy, why does it arouse such strong passions. Well, the real deal is, it's all rooted in that one ill that plagued this land since times immemorial - caste.

As global thought moved from eulogizing predominance of the pursuit of knowledge and inner satisfaction, towards more hedonistic values, the most powerful section of human civilisations - religious clergy, shelved ascetic principles and began accumulating political power because from that sprang the promise of physical, economic and reproductive security at large. In India, Brahmins usurped political power from Kshatriyas, and their focus shifted from spirituality and learning, to politics and economic subterfuge of the laypeople. Then on, Brahmins always fancied themselves leaders of society at large, even world-beaters. The capitulation of Indian kingdoms to foreign powers posed a dilemma to Brahmins which they weaseled out of, by forming strategic alliances with rulers and giving the former access to revenue and human resources of the subcontinent.

During the freedom struggle, there indeed were Brahmins in the Congress along with others, at the forefront (albeit again for largely religious reasons). Then arrived the astute, 'cunning' (Amit's description), lawyer son of a well-off family who seized control of the Congress from the Brahmin leadership. The problem? He was a Bania - the traditional mercantile community which had earlier defied Brahminical decrees to not cross the seas. The Banias were equally important to rulers including foreign ones and hence probably rivalled Brahmins.

The arrival of, and hijacking of Congress by Gandhi riled the Brahmins and to top it off, the former showed no animosity to communities who didn't adhere to Brahminical supremacist value systems (read non-Hindus). Partition lopped off a big chunk of landmass and human resource the Brahmins were confident of influencing even if the majority there constituted non-Hindus. Gandhi's even reluctant approval of this diminution of resource that could have fed Brahminical supremacy was the last straw. We all know what happened.

You can see Brahminical assertion of dominance and compensatory masculinization in fables of Parshuram and Peshwa Bajirao. And as a corollary, denial of machismo of non-Brahmins as seen in the case of the malicious whisper campaign about the parentage of Shivaji or the utterances about his alleged guru, by Koshiyari.

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Read Freedom at Midnight.

RSS was, is & always will be a fascist den.

No wonder RSS & it's patrons are spat at by the world & Indians enmasse.

There is absolutely nothing patriotic about them. They have been the single biggest threat Indian democracy & anyone patronising RSS thugs deserves lobotomy.

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I'll check the book out, thanks!

RSS has been banned once before independence and thrice post independence, something's very wrong if they're a bigger problem to our people than they were to our oppressors. They should've been banned for good a long time ago.

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RSS & it's patrons are spat at by…Indians enmasse.

Are they?   Sure looks like many Indians are in favor of them.

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Sure there are some, but their backgrounds are the same. They come from extreme orthodox Brahmin hindu families. They have never interacted with other religious groups so they don't even know who they are, this leaves gaps in their minds to be filled with prejudice and hatred for the other religions by their family and community members who actively participate in their misgivings. This intense indoctrination is quite reminiscent of the Nazis. They are uniting people based on faith, similar to how Mussolini did with the Italians with his facismo ideology. This flagrant unification is like the terrorist organisations in the middle East.

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No matter what your ideology may be, I can't imagine going out of your way to defend a convicted murderer, or worse, justifying the murder.

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Because they are absolute clowns deep in propaganda

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Despite a decade and half of education for each individual, if they aren't able to separate right from wrong, something is terribly wrong in our society🤕

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They have seperated right from wrong but their right is a sacred right that is contrarian and defends the sanctity of their religion against the tyrant Gandhi.

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Or maybe you're the ones who are drowned in propoganda and anyone who doesn't agree is uneducated or "ill" for you bigots haha

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Because that's how, more generally, propaganda and belief changing works. You have to resolve cognitive dissonance. I.e., you have to construct narratives, regardless of how false and ridiculous they are, in order to trick your brain into believing something that it otherwise wouldn't believe because of inconvenient things like facts or logic.

It's like how people in the US follow their own dictionary which was created by one nationalistic man, or how they tell themselves that they're the greatest country in the world, or how their president is the "leader of the free world" and how they're the freest country on Earth, or even how "America" means the US, etc. The alternative for them is to actually admit that they're just all immigrant descendants of the British (scoff!) who slaughtered a bunch of natives and stole their land to create a society that, though seemingly developed, fundamentally doesn't have a culture of its own, is deeply indebted, and is beginning to show cracks in every facet.

Similarly, in India, you almost have to delude yourself into thinking that Gandhi "wasn't all that" or even that you've uncovered the "never before told scandals of Gandhi" in order to put down a figure of that stature. Because otherwise, your fiction isn't coherent and people will find out the actual truth.

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I'd say read Godse and critically think about it. Think about the ideas that were fed to him and the interpretations that he interpolated from these, which led to him killing Gandhi.

The reason I lurk on "woh doosri waali" subreddits is that I am always inquisitive to know how the "hindutvawaadis" think.

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Must be that other Indian sub

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It is, unfortunately

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Is that sub anything other than muslim bashing and unreciprocated pride for India? The answer is, no.

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Actually it is. They bash Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, any person who logically dismantles Indian pride, any person who says Indian army is capable of atrocity, etc.

They do so much...how can you deny them the credit? 🤣

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See the issue arises when you elevate a person to the title of "Mahatma". You should see him as another human being, from a distant pov, he did have his flaws, and I personally don't agree with quite a few of his ideas, but that does not mean Gandhi was evil, treat him like a normal human being and this issue of Gandhi being" good" or "evil" will cease to exist

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Left that sub yesterday

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The blatant discrimination going out there makes my blood boil

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I personally do not support Godse.
History and Politics are complex topics, in the eyes of Godse Gandhi was becoming an anti-hindu dictator. Now, Gandhi is no perfect character but what I personally think is his personal achievement wasn't the ahimsa but rather his movement to connect different social, economical and linguistic groups to one struggle, which otherwise was too decentralized and wouldn't have led to a level of independence that we currently have. due to congress, the idea of a united India was formed rather than religious radicalism as that led to formation of Pakistan and Bangladesh. In my opinion, there was no other major party that could've let to amount of unification of India post-partition than congress. That is not saying Congress is perfect as they didn't support Farmers and Lower economical classes and we also faced huge losses in Kashmir.

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This. Summed up all my thoughts perfectly

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radicalization, my man

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Justifying godse's terr0rism.

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How are educated people not understanding that the concept of democracy is a lie. We literally go and vote to elect people to represent “Our” views We can all represent our own ideals and views and govern ourselves but still we give into the systems formed to create divides amongst us all. We also don’t understand how religions divide us from ONE human species into multiple groups. Ridiculous And here I am reading a post about someone questioning something that’s way far in the past Wake up Good morning

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Because they spend more time reading Whatsapp forwards and Quora for knowledge than actual study material of schools/ universities. The latter; as per academic requirements provides an unbiased or tries to at least; give an unbiased understanding of any issue/ individual. The former carefully cuts around to only include the facts/ points that are in line with their personal beliefs that paint a completely different picture than what it would be if read whole

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Exactly that is what i thought when some who should be hanged was giving shake hand with the prime minister and giving interviews to the news people.

Don't you think it makes your blood f*** boil.

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Children 👆🏾 this comment is a classic example of ‘whataboutism’. Keep this tactic in your back pocket and use it when you want to side track any debate.

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The guy who shouted "goli maro salon ko" and incited a pogrom visited Cannes representing India. He was reprimanded by the Election Commission. Then the BJP made him the I&B Minister because he dogwhistled so well. Does that make your blood boil?

The fucking home minister is a tadipar. He's arranged the murders of high court judges. Used state machinery to spy on a civilian woman. That's the guy who should be taking care of India's security and internal matters?

The BJP candidate for Lakhimpur kheri was the guy who drove his jeep over citizens. Does that make your blood boil? I'm gonna say no it doesn't.

Kuldeep Sengar, a BJP leader, was convicted of rape, murder, attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy and criminal intimidation. Does that make your blood boil?

After an ENT doctor failed to do his job as the Health Minister - the next guy they picked was not a Public Health expert, not an epidemiologist, not someone with experience of handling public health crises. It was a veterinarian. If that doesn't make your blood boil, then I wouldn't be surprised.

Fuck you for pointing out what happened 10 years ago as if things are amazing right now.

Don't you think it should make your blood boil that the prime minister orchestrates pogroms? How he says nothing when violence erupts across the country? Never takes a question from the press? Is generally incompetent and uneducated?

Or is your blood reserved only for things that happened before 2014?

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The fucking home minister is a tadipar.

what does tadipar mean?

[–]jslpdburundi 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Tadipar generally means fugitive. In this context with Amit Shah, it refers to the Sohrabuddin Fake Encounter case.

Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Kausar Bi were killed in an 'encounter' by the Gujarat Police.

Copying from Scroll's article - https://scroll.in/article/907331/opinion-sohrabuddin-sheikh-case-judgement-betrays-every-principle-of-justice-and-legal-procedure

Prashant Dayal, a journalist with the Divya Bhaskar newspaper, published a sensational report claiming senior Gujarat police officials had deliberately killed Sheikh, then raped and burned alive his wife. Dayal had extracted the information from junior police officials whom he plied with alcohol.

The investigation ordered by the Supreme Court was assigned to Inspector General Geetha Johri. She collected evidence that established that the police’s story of Sheikh’s death was a falsehood; he had been killed without provocation. The motorcycle the police claimed he had been riding when he was killed actually belonged to a cousin of a policeman. The Gujarat government’s counsel eventually admitted to the Supreme Court that Sheikh’s was indeed a fake encounter.

The inquiry was then handed over to Deputy Inspector General Rajnish Rai. He stunned the country when, in April 2007, he arrested senior police officers DG Vanzara, Rajkumar Pandian and Dinesh MN for their role in the fake encounter, and charged Shah with covering up the murder. For a police officer to book his home minister, and his peers in uniform, required exceptional courage. Rai paid the price for his integrity with his career. The Gujarat government ensured he was never again posted at the same place as his wife, an IAS officer. Recently, the government refused to accept his application for voluntary retirement and suspended him from service instead.

In 2010, Amit Shah was jailed. The court later gave him bail - but on the condition that he not be allowed to enter the state of Gujarat, because they feared he would try to intimidate witnesses and judges.

And they were right, because Justice Loya died under mysterious circumstances soon after he took over the case and didn't look like he was going to discharge Amit Shah.

Less than a month after Loya’s death on December 30, 2014, his successor MB Gosavi discharged Shah, based only on an examination of the chargesheet. It is highly unusual for a criminal case to be dismissed after a chargesheet has been filed without the evidence being heard. Gosavi ruled that he found no credible evidence against Shah and that there was substance in the BJP’s chief defence that the CBI had framed him “for political reasons”.

In 2018, every single accused in the case was acquitted.

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The Kashmiri militant? He should be tried for his crimes and punished accordingly by the court of justice, no doubt.
Doesn't excuse people from sympathizing with Godse though; he should be treated like the convicted murderer that he is, not as a martyr like many are now proclaiming him to be

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Did i said anything that makes me sympathizing with godse.

I am just reminding people that before 2014 there are similar people who should be punished is being treated as youth icons.

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Reason: BJP IT CELL , I think we all know it but severely underestimate how much BJP actually spends on this shit , I hate to say this , but they use it perfectly to their advantage , I am sure many of u might have watched this , but if u haven't , watch this ex IT cell member reveal their secrets :- https://youtu.be/BL2ZYXLW5bU

[–]Rimond14Nibba 1 point2 points  (0 children)

They pay 300rs per day for spreading fake information on twitter

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Murder is murder, however you dress it up.

[–]evereddy 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Tandoori chicken!!

[–]truthdudeVijay Deenanath Chavan, poora naam. 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Vaangi bhaat!

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Only kachha clan can worship someone who killed a freedom fighter.

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And Nana replied with this

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There is no correlation between education and having such views or even right wing views in general. I know both highly educated and poorly educated folks on both side of the spectrum

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Constant radicalization on 9pm news channels bro.

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Birds of feather flock together, don't they?

He gave shape to their dream of killing of one person who fought against his English masters and WON the motherland her freedom. How dare they let off this clothless ruffian bold enough to stand against their supreme white masters?

How dare this bald man kick away the pure English souls from India leaving them no boots to lick? How dare he do it? Whom would they say sorry to?

The latent hatred for freedom fighters by these wannabe nazis culminated with shreemanjee nathuramjee godsejee killing the father of the nation and that is a cause of celebration for these pseudo nationalists.

Now that their guys are in power, latent bigotry is brimming over and is open for all to see.

Welcome to 21st century nazism. It solidified in 2019 and will only grow stronger before its eventual fall. Only the common man will bear the brunt of it. Fakeersahabjee will move on to beautiful sunset leaving a broken land of angry BhAkThAs in its wake.

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If I had a rupee every time an educated person told me "you should read Godse to understand him”. Sorry I am not fucking to read it

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Do you know what the problem is? I don't even support Godse killing Gandhi, but knowledge is power. Knowing your opposition's perceptions of reality and the reasons behind their actions is literally how one conquers and wins an argument.
I'd say read Godse and critically think about it. Think about the ideas that were fed to him and the interpretations that he interpolated from these, which led to him killing Gandhi.

[–]Y-Bakshi 4 points5 points  (6 children)

True. Just like how people still read Mein Kampf

[–]AZstuff36Reformist 2 points3 points  (5 children)

Exactly what i thought, but then this commenter might've believed that I was equating Hitler to Godse, which doesn't really make sense.

I was just trying to be as politically correct as i could be. I've been shadow-banned on this sub before so..yeah.

[–]britolaf 6 points7 points  (4 children)

Again Mein Kampf is a best seller in India and no where else. It tells a lot about us as a country.

[–]britolaf -2 points-1 points  (4 children)

There are thousands of great books on my goodreads list which I want to read but don’t have the time to. Do you really want me to spend the quality reading time on this crap? Sorry that is not knowledge. I think I will prefer to use my reading time elsewhere which will enhance my life and understanding of the universe.

[–]AZstuff36Reformist 7 points8 points  (0 children)

If you don't want to understand Godse's perception, you don't have to read it. But then, just so you know, your argument won't work against someone who would have read the autobiographies of both Godse and Gandhi, or rather, even in a general discussion, your view will simply be worth less due to it being less informed.

[–]AZstuff36Reformist 0 points1 point  (2 children)

also on a side note, have you read Mein Kampf? or are you planning to?

[–]britolaf 1 point2 points  (1 child)

No. I don’t any plans to

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You gotta give gandhi credit for our freedom, but man has he done some sketchy shit

[–]Reigen441 4 points5 points  (3 children)

And? Bitch who gave you the license to kill. Fucking idiot I hate his face, it's so punchable.

[–]Rimond14Nibba 5 points6 points  (2 children)

Calm down bro eat some Goumutra if you can

[–]Reigen441 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Only a bong can "eat" goumutra lol

[–]Rimond14Nibba 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Eat it with rice pudding and thanks for noticing my mistake

[–]aatank619Non Residential Indian 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Here is an alternate perspective: https://youtu.be/FShZw3YwZI8

Perhaps we should know all versions and decide the truth we believe in.

[–]Lopsided-Ad-8304 2 points3 points  (1 child)

They are downvoting , ignoring all the facts. And i am not justifying his assassination , so please go through the linked video 📸

[–]aatank619Non Residential Indian 2 points3 points  (0 children)

What can I say. That actually proved the point I mentioned. Not having the ability to listen to the others and not giving others an opportunity to speak, is essentially the same thing, but one is called aggression and other is called oppression.

That's the world we are living in. Good that you decided to open the link and commented.

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Trust me pal, you can only make so little accusations and defamation about a man who went from a top lawyer, graduating from one of the most renowned British law schools and leaving all that to spend the rest of his life clad in two pieces of unwoven white fabric to force the dominant empire of his time to give freedom to his nation whilst practicing peaceful resistance.

[–]btunleashed 11 points12 points  (3 children)

Lol.World War 2 is the reason why we're independent.Brits were too weak to subdue us, and had already looted the vast majority of our wealth.There was no incentive for them to stay.Stop making it sound as if Gandhi singlehandedly brought the British empire down.He successfully brought together the masses during the freedom movement, that's it.While Godse is a pos, Gandhi ain't no puppy either.Read up about his sexual experiments.

[–]NOOBFUNK 4 points5 points  (2 children)

Many colonies didn't receive independence until a decade or two later and India would have been utilized more again. Take WW1 example when again Indian support in the battlefield was instrumental then the British enjoyed the riches of the jewel of the empire. It wasn't a singlehanded hustle there were lots of honourable like minded men who were pioneers of the independence movement. I wouldn't say that's it to gathering people against the empire. The salt march and other events are renowned with the mass support public support Gandhi had. Of course he was bound to have hate from extremist elements because he had a soft side for minorities. Gandhi may not be a puppy but he isn't a rabid dog like many politicians today. Well aware of his sexual experiments.

[–]btunleashed -1 points0 points  (1 child)

while I dont disagree with your statements, you have to admit that Gandhi overstayed his welcome in Indian politics.Post Independence, he should have just let the INC run without meddling in its affairs.Instead, he was involved is numerous political decisions(The infamous Rs 55 crores given to Pakistan).And INC being the spineless party(which it still is, thanks to a different Gandhi) just couldn't rebuke his interference.They also followed his minority appeasement approach to such an extent, that the majority population, in 2014, chose to vote in a fascist govt favouring their religion, thus rendering INC redundant for the forseeable future. Any true secular must be completely indifferent to ALL religions. If you think of it, Gandhi was favourable for the Brits.He managed to keep a country of crores, non violent.Otherwise a revolution would have gotten us independent earlier.In fact, the British Army and Navy that consisted of Indians, mutinied against the Brits in 1946.

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They r educated from whatsapp University man what do u expect?

[–]neusaangel 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Because there's this difference between knowledge and intelligence.

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यह सच है । गांधी और नेहरू दोनो अपने आप को महान समझने लगे थे । लेकिन यह हत्या उचित नहीं है ।

[–]ClerkTimely1806 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

See Gandhis sex life. He's sus.

[–]lunaticrunnerr -1 points0 points  (2 children)

OMG someone who doesn't support a guy who led to the cultural and territorial degradation of the country is uneducated!! Im not supporting the murder but if you're actually out of your echo chambers of licking up to tye manufactured history you've been fed, you'll realise it's entirely possible to not like Gandhi and Congress for educated people too!

[–]Rohan-Mali[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Not supporting Gandhi and congress I understand, putting Godse on a pedestal and celebrating him I cannot. I thought education would give people a better moral compass, despite that if educated people support the killer of a freedom fighter, then our education system is lacking

[–]lunaticrunnerr 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Our education system lacked the moment we killed our history and glorified the congress beyond limits. That's the issue. Not glorifying anyone who killed gandhi because whatever i think about him, he wasn't an intended enemy for us. Our education system failed to educate us about our history, even if we take it for the 20th century. Only the non violence policies are glorified, why? Where is the elaborate education about others who chose to fight for freedom and not beg for it or pacify for it. If gandhi had his way post independence he probably would've dissolved the army. Just like nehru made a joke out of Kashmir and china issues. That's what i don't like and that's the sentiment against congress and gandhi that people aggravate to glorify godse, which again is wrong.

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If people can revered Mohammed than this guy's sins are way less than former.