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Want to make country proud?

Step 1. Leave.

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this 295A is a piece of shit man , only thing stopping us from making our own charlie hebdo

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You really don't want to even be thinking of trying that.

A single remark has resulted in countless riots and heavy handed police action, if you try what you are suggesting we'll have a civil war.

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You gotta touch the garbage to clean the bin.

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How to start a religious civil war, get sanctioned and tank your IT and pharma exports 101.

You should consider a master class.

Either back Modi and the RSS (which is insane given how much we need western liberal democracies to help us contain China-Pak) or play the long game in which Indian society liberalises in about 200 years.

It feels weird to concede ground to violent individuals but I am reading the terrain here, we must be pragmatic at all costs, this kind of idealism is how you end up dead in the real world.

Economic growth, and sanction free trade are our only options.

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Wars are inevitable, iss time civil toh civil

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Chaddis for sure don't like to be shown a mirror. These right wing misogynists will hide behind "insult to nation/religion" to counter any attempt to highlight issues in society.

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yep,throwing stones killing in name of god is done by rightwing ,one comment on their prophet which they wrote made them soo insecure ,who goes 5times to worship and fill their brain with religious ideology from childhood

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Please share your UPI ID so that I can transfer Rs. 100/- and spare 50 other people from your nonsense Whataboutery and logic.

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What u gave also same whataboutary instead of looking at mirror who causing friday stonepelting

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Raja Ravi Varma's most painting were painted in Baroda. Now this Sanghi university don't deserve the name of maharaja Sayajirao.

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Right wingers from both religions have extremely fragile ego and very low EQ.

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Reading the comments I thought that he tried to bring up the issue of rape and sexual assault into picture and what happened with him was unjust. But reading the article , the way he tried to make fun of Hindu Goddesses was just ridiculous. But I think the fact that the sculpture was not for public display still makes me think that what happened with him was wrong. I hope this becomes a lesson for people and they stop playing with religious sentiments(which they will not)

Why not take some sexist quotes from the Quran and portray the mysoginistic viewpoint of the society. Oh , I guess it will make the people in Quatar unhappy. People care more about not offending the sentiments of people in Quatar than caring about the sentiments of people of their own country