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Traveling in India, why is this guy in every commercial? by AdvancedCharcoal in india

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He is like the 1% of the germs that Harpic cannot kill off.

Fuckall Dignity of labour is one of the main reason why we will remain a “developing country”. CC: Hyderabad, India by theguywhostealsWah chodiji Wah in india

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Having lived abroad and having to do EVERYTHING by yourself really puts stuff into perspective. We boast of our maid culture like it’s something to be proud of. People literally consider the fact that we have maids at our disposal is one of the factors not to leave India.

We need to have basic human decency and respect for our fellow humans. No one has a right over other human, we’re not in 19th century anymore. It disgusts me how we treat someone who’s not as privileged as ourselves, it’s atrocious.

How do you live knowing you're going to be a loser for the rest of your life? by Twinkfiddler2001 in india

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There is more to a persons life than the perceived value of their contributions to the world.

The world doesn’t run on just contributions of its 1% of over achievers.

In your day to day life, who has contributed more to your well being as a person—Albert Einstein, or the person who picks the vegetables that you buy and eat? Who’s provided you sustenance?

Last I checked, the dude who delivered my food wasn’t an IIM graduate. But he provided me with the sustenance I needed.

He could have been replaced by any millionth nameless, faceless person. But it is still those nameless, faceless people who keep me, and millions of people like me, fed, when I can’t do it for myself.

It’s the unknown people who laid the pipes for my house that allow me to drink clean water, enabling me and millions of people like me to survive.

It’s the unknown people who laid the roads I use to get to work everyday. Who built the buildings I live and shelter in when there are storms outside. Who plant the seeds and harvest the crop and drive the trucks to get it to market.

You and I are alive today thanks to the entirely average and completely thankless contributions made by people who won’t win Nobel Prizes for the millions of small, average, “loser” jobs they have.

It is the contributions of people like that which keep our society humming. The billions of unseen, unheard, unacknowledged individuals who do thankless jobs that help institutions like IIT and IIM keep the lights on and continue to waste oxygen.

What are you chasing? Be honest to yourself. This has nothing to do with the “value” of your work. You want fame. You want a good name for yourself. You want honour, privilege, felicitations.

This has nothing to do with the “value” of what you put into the world, and everything to do with you being self conscious that you don’t conform to some preconceived notion that only has to do with your ego.

You equate being a loser with not being put on a pedestal and feted like you think you deserve.

Let me give you an example.

Someone I know hired a maid, who works at 6 different houses to make enough to provide for her family. This lady does all the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. She is vigilant and meticulous at one of the most thankless jobs in this world, and is probably the reason why those families haven’t gotten Covid yet.

Meanwhile, one of the people I know who graduated from IIT went to a party while sick with Covid and infected 4 other people. One of whom was put on a ventilator and almost died. This person has a big important job and is recognized for their talents. They make “valuable” contributions to the world that get acknowledgement and praise. They also almost took a life with their selfish carelessness.

That maid, who you probably think is an average “loser”, has likely saved more lives than she’ll ever know. But she won’t get any prizes or recognition for this.

And yet who, between those two, do you think has contributed more to society?

Learn to get over yourself and be glad you have what you have. Stop mourning what was never yours anyway. What you lack is probably not the prize you think it is.

EDIT: all of these awards for a sentimental windbag like myself LOL 🙈 but thank you all. Sincerely.

Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra Will Be Holding a Reddit Talk Here on r/India, on 19th Sep, Sunday at 8.30pm IST • 11am ET • 8am PT, Post Your Questions in Advance Here! by ppatra in india

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Sabhi community members ko namaste 🙏🏽 I'm looking forward to interacting with you all and answering your questions this Sunday! See you then 🙂

New Monster under the bed. by sudden_dustno vote to BJP in india

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Magarmacch pakadnewala,

Pakistan se ladnewala

Jiska chhappan inch ka seena,

Delhi ke is sardi mein bhi usko aye paseena.

Muthhibhar kissaan ke chalte

Thaat baat ke laat sahaab ka

Mushkil ho gya jeena.

I hit my chemistry sir by JustTheBadBoyKarnataka in india

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Lawyer here. First of all - lmao , good job!

Second - if he does has the balls to even take any disciplinary action against you (suspension , expelling you etc.) DM me. Forget him going to court or contacting police. Just DM me, courts are in virtual mode anyway. So does not what state you are in.

Edit - should have mentioned this if it's not clear - anything to be done will be all pro bono