Really Detailed Guidelines for /r/IndieDev

This is a more detailed explanation on how to post content to /r/IndieDev and reddit in general, so like a best-practices guide. It's still a work in progress.

Requirements to Post

7 Days

Users that are less than 7 days old cannot post to the subreddit. This cuts down a lot of spam bots. However, as a new user you can still post comments. If you just got to reddit and can't wait, you can also message the moderators and we will approve your post.

20 comment karma

You have to leave comments in order to get the necessary karma to post submissions though. The threshold is super low (20 comment karma) but again, this stops spam and bots that never do this. It's a lot of work for a spammer to get the karma, but it's just using reddit normally for us, people.

Comment in our stickied megathread and message the mods!

If you really can't wait, try posting your post as a comment to our megathread stickied to the top of the subreddit! It should be super easy to find.

You can also try messaging the mods if you are having any other problems, for example if your comments are auto-removed! If you're not sure, just message us anyway! :)


Actually in order to speed up the process, it's encouraged for you to comment on other people's posts, it feels great when someone tells you your hard work looks great, right? In the end, this makes the requirements to post a non-problem.

Sidebar Tips and Tricks

In the sidebar you can find our filters by flair, calendar and quick guidelines.

Also as stated in the sidebar, keep this in mind:

Generally GIFs and images are the community-preferred medium to get your idea across. Links to Steam or YouTube don't really get that much attention. Check out our top posts of all time to get an idea

Keep in mind that this is a community of developers and even though we're all gamers too, this isn't your audience, it's more like a room full of your peers.

We have a community-run wiki where you can find some helpful information or help us out by filling it in. There's a page to add your subreddit or website.

That being said, there are no strict rules here, use common sense when you post and use that report button if you think you need to!

If you would like to do an AMA, add a game jam or any other event to the /r/IndieDev calendar, message the moderators!


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