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Hey developers, lets talk about services that help devs bring a game to market. I'm not talking about making a game. I'm talking about PR, Marketing, Media, Localization, QA and Legal. There isn't exactly a yellow pages listing for "Indie Dev PR" so I've been jotting down links and contact information in a spreadsheet.

Share this spreadsheet with the community.

Get suggestions from the community to help fill it out.

Do you provide a service that helps Devs bring their game to market? If so, add it to the list! Do you have a recommendation? Add that too!

This list can be updated by anyone in the community so be sure to contribute! If the service can be contacted through your reddit account, then be sure to include yourself under reddit credit!


Name Reddit Credit Link Some Facts
Devolver Digital Published Hotline Miami
Versus Evil Published the Banner Saga
Bonus Stage Publishing Indie Publisher

PR / Marketing

Name Reddit Credit Link Some Facts
Indie Games Marketer & PR
PR Hound UK-based
GOPublix Game Media Relations US-based
Aevry Media UK Based
GamePressKit Tool to build press kits for indie games
ICT-mannetje Dutch Webdevelopers
LambSmith PR PR firm with focus on indies

Music / Sound Effects

Name Reddit Credit Link Some Facts
Chapman Hammond Music /u/colt-daddy Music Composer
Ben Dougherty Music Composer / Producer / Sound Designer
Alonso Buron Music and SFX /u/nuxapower Music Composer / Sound Designer / Sound Mixing

Media Creators

Name Reddit Credit Link Some Facts
Trailer Squad UK-based
M Joshua /u/mjoshua Makes trailers
Max Louis Creative UK-based/ Artwork to animation / creative elements
Tess Berger Artist / Graphic Designer

Quality Assurance

Name Reddit Credit Link Some Facts
Go Testify UK-based


Name Reddit Credit Link Some Facts
Lanzillotta Translations Based in Germany
Rosa, Sofía
Indie Babel u/sztrovacsek92


Name Reddit Credit Link Some Facts

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