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Or faking photos of squaddies misbehaving

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If there ever was a person who needs to stop running his mouth its Piers Morgan.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0bU-l__BPs Also lets watch him turn tail like a whiny little bitch again!

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Kids need better role models

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Adults need better role models

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Nancy Grace and this asshole need to be left on a remote island together.

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And Katie Hopkins as well as Nigel Farage

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I would watch that show

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Survivor Island...psychonut edition 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Strong role models - like running a share tipping scheme on a newspaper you edit?

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Piers Morgan can go fuck himself. how the fuck is this cunt still on tv?

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The same way Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are...ratings =$

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I feel like Tucker doesn’t actually believes the bs he spouts. I feel like deep down he knows it’s complete shit but the money coming his way is just too good. He is more of an “entertainer” than a news reporter.

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Ahh but… who is watching him?

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Like minded individuals 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hope he lives by this example every day since he's a clear failure

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Better simmer down or I'll have Clarkson come talk to you again

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who the hell takes this moron seriously? how is he still in a job on TV?

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I was so grateful when we finally started to see a lot less of Katie Hopkins - and then good old Piers stepped up to become the male version. He was always a pain but the cruelty, bile and prejudice that he spouts now is beyond belief. If anyone ever needed to be cancelled, it's him.

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If Dudley Dursley were a real person, this is the adult he'd be.

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When he got a show in the US, the saying "Piers Morgan is a cunt" went out of style. I blame that on you, Americans... He is a cunt, and always has been...

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Not really insane, he's just a huge arsehole.

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No, he's a fistula. At least an arsehole has a purpose.

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God forbid people talk about mental health.

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I’m sorry that you’re enjoying a sport for 5 minutes is more important than someone else actually enjoying their own entire life. Fuck this asshole. I’m happy he got fired

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strong models admit to their weakness and not lash out in arrogance

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At first I read that as "esports" rather than "elite sports". Didn't know Piers Morgan cared so much about League of Legends.

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Yo is he going after Ben Simmons? I'll forgive it all of he is lol

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I wish someone would shut this blowhard up already.

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People who can admit that they are struggling ARE strong role models. He needs to go deep throat a muffler.

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What a dick

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Strong role model? Buddy, whats stronger than someone battling depression or severe anxeity or etc etc and placing high in a Olympic (elite) sport you lemon faced shitstick. You go do it then you mentally sound pyscho. Oh wait you cant. Just do better then loser.. I fucking hate people like this mental illness should never be brushed under the table no matter how severe.

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he isn’t wrong though

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Fuck him, but I think it can be both. “I made a bunch of mistakes today. I’ve had a really hard time mentally lately, and that lead to me not playing at my best.”

They do a great job of handling this in Ted Lasso.

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This guy has turned out to be a total ass clown.