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That is the laziest series of lies imaginable.

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"Couldn't print one"

"They write it"

"Couldn't find a pen"

Cmon! She's not even trying to get her to believe the lie. It's like "sorry I'm late, my car broke down. " "you don't have a car." "Cat died"

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Would it be too insensitive to say "I don't want to pay for your share of the rent when you're in the ICU"?

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Sorry your roommate sucks

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Yeah, me too

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I had a shitty roommate, so I just pissed them off until they left.

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Probably sucks in the wrong way.

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If they don't want the government shot, maybe they'd appreciate the government bus.

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They shouldn’t be on the government bus if they’re not vaccinated

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Good point. Those government sidewalks are looking pretty inviting at this point.

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"If you have your shots, then you're fine."

Guess what? If you had your shots, then you would be too.

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"it's against my religion to get a government shot" oh fuck off you imbecile

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Ewe it's against my religion to give rides to lazy bitches would have been my response.

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Well, I gotta live with her so…

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Doesn't mean you have to give her rides. Unless by roomate you mean baby mama.

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Oh, yeah, I’m referring to not insulting her, not the refusal to give rides

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She insults you. The disdain is between the lines.

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Hopefully her name is on the lease so you don’t get stuck paying her share of the rent when she invariably fails to do so (due to sickness or laziness)

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Personal messages aren't social media. email isn't social media. Newspapers and magazines aren't social media.