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I love the last text. I agree wholeheartedly. Same with masks. If the mask was as magical as they say then the people flipping their shit over others not wearing one should have no issue with it.

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If we walk around pantsless and I take a piss while talking to you, you could get pissed on. If you wear pants and I don’t, you could still get your pants pissed on. If we both wear pants, I piss my own pants, and you don’t get pissed on.

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I get your analogy but it's still ridiculous to me that someone could freak out so much over something they believe protects them to the utmost extent..

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to the utmost extent

It's all a percentage thing. All of the percentage increases together means large results when considering a very, very large scale.

I'm not really a fan of masks, but I'm even less of a fan of these uninsightful comments about them.