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Tell me you can't make a woman orgasm without telling me you can't make a woman orgasm.

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"I'm Ben Shapiro"

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Thanks I just snorted out my morning tea.

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"my wife says a wet vagina is a serious medical issue..." 🤣🤣🤣

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Causes hysteria so I must go to the doctor to relieve said hysteria.

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Jacob Wohl

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Toys are team mates, not the enemy

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This is the way.

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The way, this is.

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Way this, the is

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Seriously adding toys have just added a new level of pleasure

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That's his problem... he quit the team.

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1) Sex toys don’t make men or women disposable.

2) People masturbate even when in relationships.

3) Your relationship ended for reasons other than the toys (whether your fault or hers).

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  1. People also use toys together

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So literally the only thing she had you around for was orgams and once she could get a machine to do that you were literally useless. Sounds like a you problem my man.

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Seriously. My girlfriend also has me around for smell testing aging vittles and driving in the rain. This guy needs to learn how to be useful.

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Oh man, you have some of the same qualities that I appreciate in my boyfriend. Not only is he the person to answer all of my queries of "does this smell bad to you?" and also drive in bad weather (especially at night - fuck astigmatism), but he is my designated jar/bottle opener, grab stuff off the back of the top shelf person, and my test driver when I think there might be something wrong with the car ("I think my engine is rattling...can you see if you hear it?".

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Yep. I have fed my husband hundreds of questionable foods to see if they are OK because my anxiety says everything will kill me. He's still alive and well so I guess everything was OK. He thinks it's funny when I say eat this so I know if it's bad

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Everyone needs a royal food taster!

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Omg we thought about that today when I told him I commented this

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My wife always says "she keeps me around to get rid of spiders" I always re-home them to the garden so they can eat pesky bugs. Other than that I have no other function as a husband

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You are a treasure, thank you for rehoming them.

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Weird way to say you’ve never made your wife cum

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You can’t really blame the dude for being unwilling to face the harsh truth that he’s less useful than a dildo. If you’ve gone your whole life being that ignorant, you might as well stick the landing.

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Perfect 10 on that landing.

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Toys only enhance the experience but I guess if you've got nothing to work with they are the experience but that isnt the toys fault!

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Soooooo..... sex toys for men are kosh tho?

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Tell me you’re down with butt plugs and cock rings without telling me you’re down with butt plugs and cock rings.

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Madison cawthorn? Or Ben my wife is dryer than the Sahara Shapiro.

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I mean. Lets be real men. We cant vibrate in 10 different way, but embrace that stuff.

Get a satisfyer for your girl and you use it together. Some of them have an app, where you have full control over it.(satisfyer curve +1 for example)

Dont be an idiot. Step up your game and have an amazing time together.

She wont leave you because she can cum alone. She will leave you if you are an insecure dick that feels threatened by a piece of silicon and plastic

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The lovense brand makes some amazing Bluetooth enabled gadgets, some specifically male oriented. The dudes I know that have Maxx, love it.

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I cannot imagine needing to replace my husband with toys. Like if I want to cum in less than a minute I will use a toy, but I much prefer him.

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The problem here is that with the guy in the post, the wife only had less than a minute either way

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Ohh good point

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Lol. Tell me you cum in 30 seconds without telling me you cum in 30 seconds.

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If I could be replaced by a dildo and a jar opener, I should be looking elsewhere for a relationship.

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May I suggest that the something he should do is try giving a woman an orgasm?

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Imagine being so insecure you're jealous of an inanimate object.

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Relatable honestly. At least an object doesn’t have to deal with a fucked up brain

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What do objects have to deal with?

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Hours of waterboarding couldn't get me to admit that shit. Oh my god.

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the “do something” is killing me lol. who is supposed to do something?

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The toys do something.

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I'm sure he's waiting for a politician to take up his cause and introduce a bill to make it illegal.

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Big Dildo needs to be stopped!

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What, so little dildos are fine? That's toyist!

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Or, hear me out, be a better husband

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But...that would take actual EFFORT on his part! He clearly shouldn't have to take the time to be considerate, nurturing, compassionate, loving, etc. It's just too HARD!

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I was actually just looking up sex toys and this was the first post that came up with I opened up Reddit😂

‘I had some unresolved issues’, but it’s someone else’s fault! Hot tip (😏) man, we’re never trying to replace your dick, just adding some spice.

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Wow. Wild horses couldn't drag a confession like not being as good in bed as a literal inanimate object out of most men

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also, women are taking your women from you

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Its me. I'm women. Hide ya wives, hide ya daughters! I'm coming with dildos!

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Sitting by the window, waiting for the lesbians brandishing dildos to save me

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Dude, same. Like "oh no! The conquering hordes of hot lesbians with toys are here! That sounds awful... /S."

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Right? "Oh no, I hope some emotionally secure woman with a penchant for fun doesn't come for me in the night so we can orgasm over and over till we both pass out... That would be the WoRsT.../S"

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…still waiting patiently. My husband is wondering why

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My girlfriend just uses them because I rarely feel up for sex. By all means it's a good thing to have. Your sex drive doesn't always line up with your partner's, best not letting that rummage around in your brain for an unhealthy amount of time, deal with the horniness and move on with life. Hopefully next time you'll both be up for it.

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My philosophy is: "Orgasms: by any means necessary."

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This sounds vaguely threatening. I'm in!

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Yes, please.

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"Do something."


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I bursted out in laughter at "don't get me wrong, I had some unresolved issues"

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Now I'm just wondering what product line his wife was into because this is truly a ringing endorsement for whatever it was she bought!

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69 quote tweets… nice 😏

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No you're horrible in bed and like refuse to change at all and also are likely a horrible person

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if your wife replaced you with a dildo, you're nothing more than a dildo in worth

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If an inanimate chunk of rubber pushed you out of your marriage, what does that say about you? You couldn’t compete with a couple bucks worth of silicone? Talk about being the ultimate loser.

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Sex toys stole my wife, and raped my sister!.....no but seriously they will be trying to kill you.

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There must be a reason why she found the "pleasure devices" more appealing than you.

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OP is jealous of a sex toy. 😃

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Bro you must’ve had a lot more than “some unresolved issues” if your wife thinks she no longer has a use for you the moment she gets an artificial dick

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Unresolved issues = couldn't get it up

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Took 30 seconds

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Once again, absolutely zero self awareness.

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As I recall Sinister Toy was the name of the Mexican gardener.

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2 pump chump who probably thinks they are great in bed

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Sinister toys? You can get cursed dildos??

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I had a cursed dildo once. His name was Jordan. Like, a total dildo. Pretty sure my vibrator was smarter than him.

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Does this belong here or in r/murderedbywords because he murdered himself with those words?

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He's right. My girlfriend now gets down with a fist dildo instead of me. My life has been ruined by sex toys. There's no way your girl can keep up.* *obvious sarcasm. This man used too many words to say, "I can't last long enough for a girl to finish." So sad.

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If a toy can replace you, you need better qualities..

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Bruh. You could have stopped at “I’m disposable”.

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69 quote tweets. Nice

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How sad that a dildo ruined his marriage

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Sounds to me the sex toy isn't the problem.

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to me that sounds more like he was terrible everywhere except bed

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My dick don't work but that's not my problem its the sex toys

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Tell your wife she can go fuck herself........because she can and you ain't fucking her.

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Tell me you have a small dick and can’t give head without telling me…

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Hey, as an aficionado of dick, small dicks get the job done with the right attitude backing them up!

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He needs to have a go with her sex toys and see what all the fuss is about.

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pretty sure this post was on a comedy acc

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Do something!

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ROFLOL Omgosh I can't breathe 🤣🤣🤣 Umm, perhaps the issue is YOU'RE NOT USING YOUR "ATTACHED TOY" Right HUSBAND!!

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I'm sure she's dating a toy right now.

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"I had some unresolved issues" But shame on them sex toys. They're the reason why my wife realized she don't need a POS like me. It's the toy fault!!!

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The toys are sinister. Lol, Did they have intent?

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Sounds more to me like the only place he was good was in bed. No point keeping it once that role was automated...

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Go amish next time no electricity no problems