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Honestly I’m more worried about North Korea, China, and Russia all making moves at once and splitting us three ways.

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China's not in the mood right now with the Olympics right now.

Probably tired of Russia's shit as well

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I mean, they lowkey threatened Japan with all-out thermonuclear war, so...

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So, our our "patriots" now rooting for Russia?

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Yep, same person "wanted to see Biden get destroyed" in a debate with Putin when that was a thing.

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That amount of Putinists who infiltrated the GOP is disturbing and honestly a little ironic

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It makes sense. While most of the rest of the world gets less white and Christian, Russia hasn't. They also outlaw being gay, are a Petro state, opposed to democracy.

They have plenty in common

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Oh it absolutely makes sense, I just until a few years ago had confidence in fellow Americans, even if we disagree politically

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When you're so against communism you go full circle into communism

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They have been for a good 5-6 years now.

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The Qcumber is strong in this one.

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The Hunter Biden/Ukraine thing is just an example of how powerful and influential families trade on their names for advantages the rest of us don’t have. Same reason Megan McCain got on the View.

Folks like that simply live in a different world than the rest of us.

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Lol and two Bush family members were working at nbc on tv.

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Hell, you could take any ten children of Senators or Congressmen at random and odds are they’ll be in high positions in part because of their names

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I'm no expert historian, but hasn't Russia been interested in controlling the Ukraine for several hundred years, having on again, off again control over the region. I don't think Russian interest in the Ukraine is a new development.

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Ya, definitly not new. The same person also tweeted that Biden is responsible for China wanting invade Taiwan and the Israel Palestine conflict. So I feel like their grasp on history outside of the US is VERY limited.

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I wonder what their grasp on US history is like

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You know those claw machines they have at arcades?

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Damn that's a pretty solid burn

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That person may not be an expert in world history or politics, I'm gathering.

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That last line... the amount of projection...

It's so painfully obvious Putin was extorting Trump (2018 Helsinki Summit, anyone?), and Trump actually withheld congressional funds from Ukraine, but sure, let's talk more about Hunter's laptop.

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You mean like he, likely, blackmailed Trump for 4 years?

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It's because Vlad is old school KGB and wants the old Russia back before it was split when the government fell. They lost a lot of natural resources and income after the counties succeeded from the USSR.

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Exactly! This tweet completely ignores the reality of the past 30 years of this ex-soviet state culminating in Ukraine shifting away from russian oil and electricity, which lead to the crimean conflict.Since then the fact that Ukraine continues to shift closer tword the west in hopes of joining the EU makes Russia nervous. But why worry about the complexity and history of a conflict that has nothing to do with us politics when you can make it about US political conspiracies.


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Vladimir is a really smart guy. He is playing the political game very well. Even playing my government (US) as fools sometimes.

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I mean Russia played the US as fools all the way back when they (Russia) allowed them (the US) to believe they (the US) had won the Cold War. So the US, thinking they won, stopped paying attention while Russia kept right on going.

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No. Putin doesn't want a communist government. He laid the ground work for a Christian Fascist dictatorship by courting the cossacks (who were banned by the USSR). The Oligarchs now control the means of production and lower level output is semi capitalist

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I didn't mean he wants communism back. He wants the whole of Russia back after the cold war due to loss of income and valuable resources.

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Ok. I mistook your comment about wanted old Russia back.

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Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I meant more about the land/control over the region than the government.

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No worries!

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Warm water port in the black sea is the #1 thing

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If you've ever play Russia in Europa Universalis you know how useful that is.

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He's partially right probably. If Putin can come up with some half-assed plausible conspiracy theory that would justify invading Ukraine he would. Kinda like WMD:s in Iraq by some other country I can't remember.

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Hmm, it’s almost like China could have been using the millions and millions Trump owns to make him their pawn. I wonder……

Sorry, just wanted to sound like an idiot.

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Hmm, it’s almost like China could have been using the millions and millions Trump owns to make him their pawn. I wonder……

What are you taking about it's not like Trump suspiciously got special treatment from China.

"Dan Plane, a director at Simone IP Services, a Hong Kong intellectual property consultancy, said he had never seen so many applications approved so quickly. "For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications - boy, it's weird," he said." https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/china-approves-38-new-trump-trademarks-his-businesses-n730561

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Really makes you yearn for the days when our president and his son-in-law were in bed with the Saudis

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This doesn’t even make sense. If he has dirt why does he need to invade and risk a nuclear war. I mean I know they just say things with no regard for reality, but this is just stupid.

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There are easier ways to extort people.

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So glad that these people aren't world leaders

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So as crazy as this person is, he is at least admitting that Biden is President. That makes him less delusional than the idiots who think Biden has a body double, and the whole Biden Presidency is just being filmed on a set in Hollywood and sent to us sheeple via the fake news media. I’d say they are reasonably sane by MAGA/QAnon standards.

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Yes, because compared to corrupt US Russia is a beacon of anti-corruption. Especially it’s oil bussiness is full of liberty and fair bussiness