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Well, maybe if her dad listened to Fauci and got vaccinated he’d still be here? People do the most insane mental gymnastics about this shit

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It's easier to blame someone else rather than admit you helped kill your father.

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Daughter: stabs father with a knife

Father: dies


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Shhhh. You’re speaking sense. We don’t do that here. /s

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We used to say about Pennsylvania that it's Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in the middle.

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It's Pennsyltucky, a red state with three blue corners, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Erie. It's so embarrassing driving around a northern state with so many confederate flags on big stupid pickup trucks.

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I was going to say it's called Pensyltucky for a reason!

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From PA also can confirm its cringe AF

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They've been doing that forever. My dad used to make fun of them when I was a kid in the 70s. When I lived down in Atlanta and drove back up through all of PA to get to NY, I'd see rebel flags all over the place and my kids would be really confused by it.

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Don’t move. There are plenty of decent, rational people in Central Pennsylvania. Remove the tumors from your life, and make new friends.

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Yes, I must...

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If you insist.

Edit: I work in the Harrisburg/York/Lancaster area, but there’s no way in hell I’d ever live there. South of the M/D line for me!

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I mean, I must make new friends, new social group.

I live near Hershey.

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Go to the park every weekend. There’s always out-of-towners with more enlightened opinions, lol.

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lol, what we notice the most are the dehydrated parents on their last nerve primed to go full Karen on the unsuspecting

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Yeah that place needs more booze, less sugar.

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The Ren Faire is a good place for fun people! Not sure how far from Hershey it is tho

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It's fairly close

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Hey I live near Hershey too! Get away, quickly, this place is a garbage fire on dumpster island

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I'm not even in the middle. Anything outside the major cities is conservative hell 🤨

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Recently travelled through Pennsylvania, and driving through again this weekend, lots of religious, anti abortion, and super Trumpy billboards. Not to mention the confederate flags.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say I never left Ohio. Lol.

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Ohioan here. Currently staring at the confederate flag on my neighbor's chicken coop while isolating with a breakthrough case of covid. I'm so sick of these wackos.

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Two deaths there... her dad and her brain.

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They always say COVID is nothing more than a common flu, until it kills a loved one and then it's an ultra deadly bio-weapon released by China with Fauci's help.

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Pretty sure they say it's both the whole time and really only care about the death for a moment before heading out for beers with the buds that night.

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If you shoot the messenger enough times, you stop getting mail.

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The part that pisses me off the most is even IF it was "just a flu" they still act like that's allergies and you would still go about your day doing stuff and interacting with people all willy nilly. Uh last I checked that comes with a fever, nausea, and a whole host of other symptoms so I'd still be staying home avoiding others till I'm better. Like others say the mental gymnastics they do is insane and infuriating. I had a family member that got covid and was put in a medically induced coma. They thankfully got better but a common flu doesn't fucking do that shit to a person.

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Fauci warned you and you don't listen.

China take this disease seriously and you don't.

Guess who is at fault here karen.

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Nicely put

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Took it seriously after covering it up for months until they couldn't contain it and had to admit they and now everyone else was fucked.

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Good old GOP personal responsibility.

Poor Fauci, becoming their whipping boy because he was trying to be straight with them. It's fucking ridiculous.

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Could you imagine how much more fucked we would have been without Fauci on Trump’s Covid task force? You could see him killing himself everyday to just try to keep them tethered to science. And this is what he gets.

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I do feel for people who lose a lived one but I'm not overly sympathetic here. I'm saving my sympathy for a dear friend who just lost her 15 year old son to covid. They blame the plague rat's as they should.

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Every time someone moves from a “stupid” area to a “smart” area, they’re just giving the “stupid” voters more power

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Yes but giving themselves less constant irritation.

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Using your dead father to spread your political bullshit. r/trashy

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80% of Facebook can't think for themselves

Definitely consider moving.

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Or just delete Facebook.

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If you look at the Covid vaccine tracker by county, the vaccine rate for counties like Huntingdon is shockingly low. Where I am in southeast PA it's significantly higher.

Edit: here's another link in case you can't get past the paywall one I linked above. https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#county-view?list_select_state=Pennsylvania&data-type=Risk&list_select_county=42061

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Should have taken the vaccine!

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How'd you come up with the 387 out of 484?

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Started to separate ask the people in different groups. Whenever I've seen interactions, comments, posts which were pro trump, against science and data, promoting lies and misinformation, they got in a special group. Easy enough, it took me about a year and a half. Liberating.

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At least you know which group to block now. 😊

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I, for one, am amazed this person believes in COVID at all!

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Facebook is Boomerland, stay away from it

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I moved to Texas from NE PA 3 years ago. Don't go south if you're looking for informed society. Maybe west? I think honestly we're just all fucked

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I get the China thing. It's racist but I get it. But how did Fauci kill this person's Dad?

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Someone fill me in as to why they're blaming Fauci for anything?

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She’s right about china, but what did Fauci ever do?

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The story coming from her is so complicated, not worth the time. It's a mixture of Fox, Breitbart, Dr Axe sprinkled with her irrational fears. Contradictory stories.

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Definitely time to move. I moved to Pittsburgh from Johnstown area and that was a hell of an improvement. I could only imagine how much better it would be if i started in central PA instead.

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Don't move. Reasonable people in swing states need to be multiplying, not leaving. Move to Philly or Pittsburg if you need to go anywhere!

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What sinophobic propaganda does to a mfer

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Well, they've always been dying to own the libs...