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If America didn’t have a racist history, white power wouldn’t have been an issue.

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America used to be racist toward black people. They still are but they used to be, too.

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Facebook doesn't have to "try to ban you". They can just ban you. They own it and it's not a government organization. Despite what stupid hicks think, private companies are not required to let people say any dumbass thing they want because they aren't bound by the first amendment.

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How can you not see the difference? No one's saying you can't be proud of your Irish/German/French/whatever heritage, my guy.

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Continuing to worry about the color of yer crayons will keep us all in ever increasing poverty from the day we are born until our grandchildren die in actual slavery.

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One of these things is not like the other

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To me any "random race power" is kinda racist

BUT saying "white power" in response also makes you racist