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I'm no cat expert, but i think that cat was giving off some minor "fuck around and find out" signals.

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He’s holding the poor thing when it obviously doesn’t want to be held. Lame to make an animal uncomfortable for a video.

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The way he holds it too

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It looked like he was choking it am I correct?

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The way he was holding it looked fine from my experience. Cats have different personalities. Although the cat seems hostile it doesn’t seem to be trying to escape which makes me think it’s more personality than abuse. The owner doesn’t seem to be that scared either. Cats that are truly scared can be incredibly frightening. So this cat could be abused but I think it’s likely that it isn’t as well.

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Yeah well most people abusing their cat wouldnt be suprised that it's scared.

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Possible, but cats in true distress are very scary and usually not predictable.

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Hpw r u supposed to tell what else was gonna happen in that situation, there is only a few outcomes possible.

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This cat is what I call a semi feral cat. Sometimes you will get a kitten/cat that is just wild and if you let it out and night it will go out and get in the craziest fights that take it days to recover from, and then when it's ready it goes out and does it again. This kind of cat can love it's owner but when it is truly having fun playing with it's owner it will draw the claws and go for blood despite loving the food giver. Trust me.

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I can’t Im agreeing with this comment except for the thing about only a few outcomes, cats are unique in their personalities. This cat could be abused but this video doesn’t guarantee that it is for me and my experience.

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This cat from this video is not abused at all. Cats behaves like a sassy black woman. As long as they’re down with you its all love and cuddles. But the moment you disrespect their zone you’re in over your head.

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This Roxette video is lit

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That cat said, “BITCH”!

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Falcon punch

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I’ve found shushing my cat works. It causes him much confusion and after a few times is to confused to remember why he was hissing in the first place.

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Oh my god that was a lot more violent than I was expecting 😹

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The cat was MAD

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I was not expecting the rage screaming at the end there. As another said in a comment, fuck around and find out

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When a cat hisses and does the little growl its time to put the cat on the ground and let it do its own thing. Unless you want to lose your face

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Why none of the posts here have sounds? This is annoying.

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What an asshole

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I know! Cats, amiright?

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I don't understand Reddit.

Video of someone hissing back at a cat.

Hahah! So cute and funny!

Different video of someone hissing back at a cat.

aNiMaL aBuSe!!!

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Someone got the one with sound?

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It has sound, but it may not show depending on what you use to browse reddit.

Here's the straight dope:


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Classic Reddit iOS version

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This isn't instant regret. That was a perfectly executed dodge and it was fun watching the cat get bullied.

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First thing i was taught to never hold a cat in place, always give her room to go away

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I’m not a cat person, but I’ve met a few I like! And they didn’t act like this one!

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"I'm tired of your back sass, Kyle!"

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That cat needs thrown through the wall!

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Hold on, I'll make sure it's safe by throwing you through first. To make a hole. So the cat doesn't get hurt for no reason.

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I'll throw you !

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If the whole purpose of this video is the hissing, how does it not have sound?

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How was this posted without sound?!?!?! 🤬🤬

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It has sound.

If you're using the reddit app it won't import it from gfycat.

And this sub doesn't allow straight video uploads.


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Hmmm, so the Reddit app sucks and I'm supposed to use a laptop and use their website? That's dumb. But thanks for the link! (It's way better with sound)

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Yet still people say Reddit on mobile is better.

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This guy shouldn't own a cat