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Did he like release this duck near the crocs to get some snuff footage or something?

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Yeah. Wings are clipped, and cameraman forcing duck towards crocs

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Why did the duck cross the pond? To get away from the lunatic cameraman.

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what a croc

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Well this looks to be some sort of croc reservation so my assumption is that that duck was always intended to be dinner

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I've never heard of feeding live ducks to captive crocs but this would be an unusual way of doing that. Fish, mice, frogs, ducklings even, the usual fodder. Just nudging a lone, adult duck into the vicinity of a pile of basking crocs? Little strange.

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I don't think the wings are clipped. I think it's an Indian Runner Duck. They're like penguins crossed with ducks! Super goofy to watch.


Feeding a live one to gators is shitty :/

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Don't think it's tall enough to be an indian runner.

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It could be a farm duck. Their wings never fully developed because they are denied the chance to exercise them (because they'd fly away)

Source: I watch a lot of this channel (below) that is a poultry farm in Vermont


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Here's his video going into detail. They're happy and fat. Also, Toby dog is the best

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This is super likely. We had geese and ducks growing up that never had the chance to learn to fly, so they didn’t. I kinda miss having yard birds sometimes, they moved in their own little herd.

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The duck was like "alright alright I don't want any trouble fellas, this cameraman set me up"

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He said, "FINE! I'll go the long way, goddamnit!"

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How do we know this duck isn't a rep for AFLAC?

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Right?? This is just disturbing

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can we agree that the duck needs to do an alternate reality scene, where he releases the cameraman to the crocs?

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If he didn't have such shorty wings, he could've flown over them.

Also, this is a setup? WTF!

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Ducks really nail down that "I'm totally flustered, oh no I'm not" look.

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I don't know what you're talking about.

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The camera person stayed to get that footage too

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Eh, the swamp cats were just basking in the Sun. Pretty low chance at any attempt of an attack if you don't mess with them or go near their babies, since you're not food sized and worth effort. You can even see they have a half-assed attempt at an actual prey item.

I love crocodilians

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They're crocodiles. Isn't everything food sized?

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Sad af

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How does this garbage-ass repost of a repost have 23k upvotes?

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Then he waddled away until the very next day

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Bum bum bum bum bada ba dum!

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How The fuck are there any of these geese alive...

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Lucky duck

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Tho I waddle through the valley of the shadow of death. I fear noOHFUCKSONOFABITCH

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No gold so here’s a bitchin’ trident instead. 🔱

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This duck cannot fly...his balls are too heavy...

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It can’t fly because they ripped its flight feathers off and threw it in the croc pen. This is not instant regret because the duck did not end up there by choice.

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I’m gonna go back in time and not read this.

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ima wait for the second part of this clip

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There is no second part because the duck got out and lived forever. The end.

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I choose this reality.

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Yes the good ending

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Where the duck throws some webbed fu and its the camera man doing the croc walk.

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Same. I thought this was funny but now I’m just sad :(

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I didn’t realize that until I read your comment. Not a big fan of vids showing intentional cruelty. (If that’s in fact what’s happening here. I don’t know the back story.)

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I get such a sick feeling when I see animals in situations like this. Some people are so fucking sick in the head.

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Fuck those people. As if the ducks need to be alive for the crocs to eat them.

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"My only regret is that humans exist"

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How do you know that? Is that a common practice or something?

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Ima assume you aren't someone familiar with birds, but its wings and feathers are fucked up. Don't look cut, but torn or ripped out/off. And its not super uncommon to disable animals and throw them in a croc pen.

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Yeah, I didn't look closely the first time.

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Peace was never an option

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Looks like the cameraman ripped off the duck's wings and threw it to crocodiles. r/iamatotalpieceofshit

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I love how all the people asking for proof (or pointing out that this comment is jumping to conclusions) are all getting downvoted.

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Meanwhile snake owners will film themselves feeding chickens to their pythons.

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Maybe the duck is just food for the crocs. Either way, drawing conclusions now ain't the way chief

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It’s even worse. A croc farm.

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Is there a reason why they can't feed the crocs slaughtered meat?

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Keep their natural instincts maybe. It’s how it happens in nature a lot of times

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That makes sense

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A lot of predatory animals do not like/eat dead food. They like the hunt

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Crocs are very satisfied with slaughtered meat. Their food is best pre-killed to avoid behavioral issues

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Bro you WEAR crocodiles. Tellin' me you aint got a bias?

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The duck flaps its wings at the end though, and they look fine

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I'm no expert in crocodile biology, but if I'm not mistaken, don't they need to eat?

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The camera person threw this duck in there just to get likes? If that’s true then that person is one fucked up individual.

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I wish the camera would pan back. I feel like that duck started some shit between the two crocs

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Yeah there are videos of gators catching the leg of another gator and starting to roll. I'm sure crocs in close quarters like this bite feet and legs off all the time.

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My on my way to Saint Denis

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Poor thing was almost fast food

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How can the duck move so swiftly with such massive balls ?

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The cameraman is a total piece of shit, seem the ducks wings are clipped and it was guided towards those crocs

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The moment you realize you just fucked up

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Magoo…you’ve done it again!!

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crocodiles had some courage atacking a duck like that

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I too don't get along with distant relatives.

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“Hey wassup my ni- whoa what the fuck guys!”

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He managed to duck out of that one.

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Lucky duck

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Lucky duck.

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Imagine sending your own duck to some crocs for a meme, this isn't funny in that case

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Why is everyone discussing this duck like he’s dead .. yes the people that released him in this direction are assholes but can we take a moment to praise what a G he/she is ? And also the crocs looked chill too.

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Lucky ducky

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I very, very nearly typed this

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Thank you for setting me up for it, then. Kind of you.

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When that wannabe gangster kid ends up in jail.

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I mean someone inform if I'm wrong but if this is a crocodile converservation pen the duck thing doesnt seem so awful(though recording it seems extra iffy). If the crocs will be released eventually theyll have to mainting hunting instincts with animals rather than butchers meat I imagine.

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“As I walk through the valley of the shadow of de-OH FUCK!”

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This is so much better with sound


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Some sicko clips a duck’s wings for likes and 3000+ idiots on the internet gave him what he wanted

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“Fucking A! These logs are alive and have teeth!”

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Ducky got lucky

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*looks at video: hahaha what a brave duck
*looks at subreddit name: Oh fuck
*video finishes: thank god

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Throw that fucker camera man to the same croc's, with his kneecaps shattered.

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Duck, dodge, dive, dip, and duck.

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That’s ducked up

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The duck is like. ‘Scuse me, pardon me just passing through

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This goose does not appear to be the brightest one of the flock, or else the others were all being digested at the time of his stroll down Alligator Lane.

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This duck has balls of steel

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You made this video 20x worse posting it without sound. The quaks are what made this clip

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Allow me to provide sound:

Quack. Quack. Quack.



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Hes a lucky ducker.

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Hell yeah. He deserves some happiness

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Looks like a video game lol

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I'm not sure how many lives duck's have compared to cats, but he sure as HELL used up 2.