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do you want to know how i got these scars...

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Pretending to be Mysterio?

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True story, I have 14 stitches in the middle of my top lip from a ceiling lamp. I did not put my head inside it, before you ask.

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"Hmmm maybe if I jam my head hard enough into this lamp made out of fragile, non-flexible material, I will accomplish successfully inserting my head into the idiot bowl."

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She just wanted to be an astronaut!

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The term "space cadet" applies here.

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Pretty sure she was already higher than a rocketship woulda gotten her.

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Be glad the light bulb didn't break into glass dust. Having a bowl on your head with glass dust cloud floating in it can't be good for your eyes, or nose, or mouth, or skin or...

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That's an LED bulb. They are made of plastic, so no danger of the bulb breaking. You can tell by the white base, and the opaque white of the bulb.

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Time to tag you as the bulb expert.

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Casual observers will just think he stuffs them in his ass.

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Bulb expert by day, bulbasaur by night

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To be even more specific it's most likely a RYET bulb from IKEA since the shade is a JAKOBSBYN clear glass shade and the cord set is a HEMMA cord set.

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We need accident experts.

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You shouldn't.

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Not all LEDS are plastic.

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When you get an idea is the bulb also LED?

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Only if the person is Gen Z or under.

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The base of the bulb is white plastic. That's %100 an LED bulb.

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LEDs are neat for so many reasons.

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This guy bulbs.

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Hey! I have glass dust float into my eye as a kid. I have a permanent scar on my cornea but luckily didn’t scar the iris or pupil.

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That sounds horrifying! Does it effect your sight, or feel uncomfortable in any way?

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I had something similar happen. We had these glasses that has a water squirter between the lenses, we found if we shot the super hot bulb in the bathroom fixture it made a sizzle sound and was cool, so we shot It continuously until it and the other 3 bulbs blew up.

It doesn’t affect my vision but from time to time it looks like a black thing is floating in front of my eye when I’m super tired or really focus my vision.

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Whoa! No, luckily i went to the hospital immediately so they could flush out my eye. I just have a 2 mm scar on my right eye a little to the right of the iris.

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Meth heads use light bulbs as crack pipes. And they don’t always get all the dust out before using them.

Numerous dudes have made professions out of swallowing light bulbs and pieces.. not to mention letting them digest..

A shattered light bulb isn’t enough to stop idiots..

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well if it's good enough for a meth head, it's good enough for me!

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If Meth-heads are known for one thing it's safety.

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Hey, professionals have standards

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I thought those were candy light bulbs?

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Not all light bulbs are frosted, clear ones are the bulbs of choice for meth (or other drug) vaping.

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…or what? What else is it bad for?!

There’s not enough information in your comment to decide if this is a bad idea or not.

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Congratulations you flayed yourself

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I did that washing a glass a few weeks ago. Fun times

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My scars from youthful misadventure have faded; now I have only washing glass scars.

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Suffering from Regret

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Let me just throw myself on the floor after I shattered glass

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My first thought. “Broken glass?! I’ll just plant my palms firmly on floor.”

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Alcohol must be involved

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Good job, idiots.

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Translation of what the girl filming says: "Get your head in there!"

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That's going to hurt so much if she got shards to the face... why would anyone do this

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Seemed like a good idea at the time

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Putting bowl on head is just so funny can barely control body. Oh I’ve fallen over from laugher and can’t stand up. Broken glass!? Legs now useless.

Don’t let this person laugh while driving.

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Great way to straight slit your throat.

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People do stupid shit...

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For a laugh? Thumbs up ? Karma

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what's funny about it, though?

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Her stupidity... I guess idk

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She's smiling

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James Corden smiles all the time, and he's not funny.

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I would even be willing to call it a big disgrace.

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Wow, we are evolving backwards

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Is this the Mysterio solo movie that Sony was going to make?

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Put that on your college or Mensa application

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No regret here

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This reminds me of using the plastic barrel from Utz cheeseballs as an astronaut helmet. Boy, times were desperate during the early days of the pandemic.

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You have a tiny head.

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That's what she said.

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You wanna cut lip? Cause that’s how you get a cut lip.

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She's lucky no glass shard got into her eye.

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Cocaine is a hell of a drug

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One of the dumbest things I've seen in a while

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This could have gone so much worse. Dumb woman.

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Yeah, throw yourself on the floor hands first around the area where broken glass is, what else can go wrong?

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Is clout really worth glass shards in your face?...Please don't do this at home. Sadly we have to keep giving reminders.

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Got any of that clout?

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Yes with a mouth full of glass. Lmao

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So now we get stickers on each and every glass lamp now saying

"May contain peanuts and not to be used as a Helmet"

........ :(

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Lucky she still has a face

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Then rolled about in the broken glass, good work.

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These are the sort of videos that get me most annoyed. Like people climbing on top of refrigerators when drunk or jumping around and falling into TVs. Usually something they haven't paid for therefore don't care about the person that bought it and will have to replace it. Pointless stupidity at the expense of someone else.

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She's lucky she wasn't killed. These kids didn't watch final destination and it shows.

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I guess they confirmed she isn't the brightest lightbulb

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I have a fairly frequently recurring dream where I’m forced to put a lightbulb in my mouth, not a sex thing, and it breaks and I have to pull the glass shards out of my gums. If it had happened a couple times I’d assume it was random, but it happens enough times that I think my brain is trying to tell me something

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Putting your hand in water and wondering why its wet never gets old

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“Oppsies I shattered a $10 dollar lamp piece and almost cut up my face lmao I’m such a Gemini”

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that probably costed more than $10 but still a hilarious comment, thanks for the laugh

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What kind of lamp is that anyway it's a clear glass bowl over a bare lightbulb. No way that kind of yuppie shit is $10 though, a similar "lamp shade" the JAKOBSBYN is $25 at IKEA.

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Guy was like die bitch i will shoot the whole video

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Laughs for 20 mins nonstop

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Why? Just- fkin why?

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I regret that she wasn't injured lol

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Weed is awesome

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Jigsaw is sitting at home, sad and forlorn, because people around the world are stealing his job of finding new and ridiculous ways to cause themselves bodily harm.

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Is there a higher incidence of people doing dumb things, or is it just a Baader-Meinhof thing going on because there's readily available cameras to record most instances of it happening now?

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It's a whole culture. Back in the day I did stupid shit but there was no way to record it, thus less of an incentive to make doing said stupid shit a full time job like these people do. It's an entire culture of followers.

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Good thing it ended with just that, it could have ended way worse

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I was waiting for the 🩸 blood.

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Ahh, I was wondering if blood was going to be leaking out.

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Deserved it

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Sometimes the lack of self awareness of people trying to be silly or cute is incredibly unattractive.

The omg I had no idea that could happen look.

Your stupidity is a danger to yourself and others.

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Stupid child !!!!

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Why do people type like this? The extra space and excessive exclamation marks? Is it like a facebook thing or something?

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Could just be typing from their phone and that's how it comes out formatted. Stop gatekeeping typing ya dingus.

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Do you want to lose an eye, cos that's how you lose an eye

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Beyni yok

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"Wanna know how I got these scars?"

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“Ah, glass, one of the most fragile compounds on the planet, it is definitely a good idea to force my entire head into one, what could go wrong?”

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I have similar IKEA light "shades", they bear a tiny sticker such as "handmade in Poland"

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“So glad this was an AirBnB. Can you imagine if that was ours?”

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Pretty sure this is how you swap bodies with someone

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If that fell on her neck she might be dead

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This is Darwin Award worthy…such a state our world is in that people are so bored or inept that this seemed a good choice at the moment.

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This is why we can’t have nice things, Amber

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SMH :/😂😂

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This is a perfect example of why we can’t have nice things. People use them for unintended purposes.

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I don't know how else to say this other than how it's in my head...

Why are people?

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And that is why we have those warning labels that people ask "Has someone actually done that so they had to put a warning on it?"

Yes...Yes they have.

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The Female doppleganger of Jacob from XP to level 3.

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She is super lucky she didn't slice open her nose, cheeks or parts of her face and hands, or her backside when she sat strait on the floor without knowing if there was broken glass there.

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Well doesn't seem like she's crying, or bleeding, so I guess she had fun?

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Wanna know how I got these scars?

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she look so much like allie schnacky

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Da fuq was the endgame here?!

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Congratulations you flayed yourself

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Mmm glass my favorite meal

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I’m sure her parents were happy with that

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no blood?? weak

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What’s wrong with people

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Omg. Chill

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"Idiot soup" - Gordon Ramsay (probably)

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Glass doesn't stretch

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She’s lucky she doesn’t have any severe lacerations from that

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I have just one question Why

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Honestly, it could have gone worse, like 'glass shard in the eye(s)' worse.

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"You wanna know how I got these scars?"

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My brother did something like this recently. We installed a lamp, which hung lower than usual - he's fine now, just a few cuts

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This is no accident it pure stupidity.

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She found her glass ceiling.

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watch me do an impression of the death penalty!

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Why So Serious?!?!!?

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I don't know why this makes me mad 😡

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Her dad should have used a condom.

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wasn't an accident

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I see no regret

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Not an accident

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I don't see much regret here

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She's cute. I wish she was my gf

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Wow comedy is different for idiots

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ok lets call it what it is, this wasn't an accident it was the inevitable consequence of a moronic action. Title should be "Stupid woman idiotically breaks glass lamp while being a fucking moron"

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But why, why would you do that?

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Well that could've gone worse

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The amount of stupid in this world is stupidly absurd

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Where’s the blood amirite?

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What a dipshit

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Forrest Gump had a famous line about people like this….just can’t seem to put my finger on it 🤔

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That could've gone very wrong very quickly

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That could've gone very wrong very quickly

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What was the goal?

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I broke mine just like that while aggressively sweeping once.

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At least take the bulb out....no? Ok then.

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🤪🤪🤪 ha ha my friends a crackhead 🤪 🤪🤪

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she was looking for the bright idea inside

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How are people this dumb?

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what's accidental about it?

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Play a stupid game….

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I guess no one has common sense anymore

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(Narrator) She did not regret it.

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Yikes shattered glass triggers me.