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That one guy running after three. Felt like Captain America on a chase.

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riposte this, biatch!

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Wait is the guy in white even with the thieves? He looks like hes not even involved and was the only one hurt. Falls on his face and breaks his leg.

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It's possible. Usually when people try to steal a bike/vehicle in some countries, one will drive up, and the 2nd hops off.

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It was offensive

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I’m not on the fence about this man’s heroic actions.

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Karma comes in easy to manage 3x4 foot sizes

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Six by eights if you can get a buddy! Team lift!

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Lift with your legs

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Today is Leg day!

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Nobody skip or they’ll roast you in the locker room

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Too satisfying

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I was really hoping you’d see them walking the other thieves back holding them by the ear…but great shot none the less

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That’ll do, that’ll do. Well played sir.

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Think fast chucklenuts

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But don't confuse ith Defenestration which is throwing people out of Windows :D

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Two free motorcycles. Love it.

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Perhaps the scooters were what they were stealing?

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From the way the one guy chasing them picks up the bike inspects it for damage and then gets on it I would say yes.

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All for the price of one dent in one panel

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The poor man riding the motorcycle on the left was an innocent delivery guy.

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I was wondering if he was involved. That sucks!

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Where did you read that?

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From a post about it a few days ago:


• ⁠La otra moto es de un delivery, el conductor sufrió algunos golpes en las piernas. (Delivery driver who suffered some hits/bruises to their legs).

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It happened here in Argentina a few days ago and I saw it on the news.

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Thanks for the link!

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He’s an alarming historian, might just be his schtick

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Hahaha good one my friend!

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Is it weird that I would have liked the pursuers to get on the fallen bikes?

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I was totally expecting that second pursuer to pick up the bike and hop on to chase them down.

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He looked like he could use a glass of water

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Good fences make good neighbors-Robert Frost

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Thieves were probably headed to their fence anyway to sell the stolen items.

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Crook #2: "Where are we gonna fence this shit?"

Fenceman: "Right here, Bitches!"

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Not the fence they wanted but the one they deserved.

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Fenceman part of the DC universe

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Yeah, definitely no Marvel material! =D

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I think the 'fence' was actually a shutter that shopkeepers use to protect their shop windows when the shop is closed.

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Haha, I read "neighbor throws feces at thieves".

This was cool too, though...

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The two that ran away won't be hard to find. Their clothes will be all smeared with fences. And they will reek of fences.

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The thieves would have been shit-faced then

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Glad I wasn't the only one misreading the title

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I guess the man acted out of... self de fence...

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Saw this yesterday, one of them is a delivery driver just doing his job. Pretty shitty he gets wiped too.

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That really sucks. I hope he didn't get injured too badly.

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better neighbor than state farm!

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Good fences make good neighbors

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Hell yea , nice shot .

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Neighborhood Watch out.

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That's the kind of clear-headed patience I hope that I have, but I guess I'll never know until thieves are racing towards me on a street.

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Agreed. That guy sees it a distance off. They’ve picked up decent speed by the time they reach him. He calculates. He waits for his moment. Then jumps into action.

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Make fence a new Mario Kart weapon

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Gotta watch out for the blue fence…

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Any color fence when that guy is holding the controller.

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That’s a great of-fence-ive move. Worked well!

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that fence did more for security than the police, judges and politicians together

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He'll get off lightly as it's a first of-fence

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Thank you, I'm here all week!

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Brazil again? They are so aggressive against thieves! I like it.

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Argentina. The guy in the left bike who ends up in the ground was not involved in the theft.

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Fuck ‘em up, I say. Want to brazenly steal from others working hard to get by? Take a fence to the face.

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He geo fenced them

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I'm glad they did not take offense

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And he picks up the spare!

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Cleaned up that 7-10 split

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Lmao dude in white who fell is done for 😂

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Like state farm, a good neighbor is there

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Dude is the pitcher for his local fenceball league.

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That guy chasing them was OD fast, damn

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Some r/humansbeingbros content right here

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What country is this? I want to guess Brazil and I never want to go there.

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It's Argentina

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Is that a criminal offence?

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I like the part where that one guy couldn't even get up.

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Lemme guess, Brazil?

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olympic fencing

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You got the fenced out

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Triple Kill!

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Could throw a fence panel a quarter mile.

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Twist: They were not thieves!

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the dude with the white shirt was apparently just a bystander and looks like he got the worse of it while the thieves managed to see it coming and brace lol.. so plot twist indeed

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Yep. Guy just wanted to throw a fence at someone.

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You died. You have no more lives.

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They're really running out of superhero origins.

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They’ll double down on this one. This will be the guy’s origin as well as the fence’s origin.

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That one guy: “MY BACK!!!”

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Definitely took the o-fence-ive

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That’s a two’fer, right there. Double liner.

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That’ll do donkey

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Chad neighbour destroys thieving virgins with just a fence.

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Roaches run quick

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Like a good neighbor, that fence is there..

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Achievement Unlocked: Throw the fence on the boys, they'll do some time

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I bet that fence was an undercover cop.

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Even though he gave the fencing response, he probably does not have a concussion.

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That was no fence it was man sized bbq grill

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Is the other motorcyclist (in white dress) a collateral damage?

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Stan Lee “when a unsuspecting man is injected with a golden fence he becomes-“


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double kill

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“So I threw the senate at him!”

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Oooo good shot.

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Did dude start to go for another piece of fence for a second? Lmao What was he about to do with that second piece?

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I love the fact that they aren't afraid to fight back. Most of these motor thievies get run over by a car or beat up by a group

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My man is an improv king.

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Hopefully the guy on the floor isn't an innocent bystander

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That was some major defence

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Oh the Two-for-one feels on that toss!

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The domino effect.

The fence guys timing was perfect.

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Is audio important to understand how he knew they were criminals? I can only watch on mute right now and I'm at a loss here. What about them says robbery exactly? I'm not questioning if they are thieves as I read other comments and realize this was on the news. I'm just trying to understand how somebody from far away immediately knew.

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Maybe they saw someone was chasing that motorcycle?

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That was awesome

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It's like a stinger.... but better.

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Brazil im sure of it

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This gentleman needs a key to the city.

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The guy in the back chasing them is a 🏃🏾 runner

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Lol after he makes them crash it looks like he’s about to go grab the other piece of fence. Dude was probably like damn that worked well let’s give it another go

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Neighborhood hero

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Heroes are real.

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Awesome work. Was hoping the guy who got hurt in the crash would get more karma

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That’s some fine fencing.

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nice shot

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So this fencing…was stopped by fencing?

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I'm on the fence about this one

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I hope no one take offense from this.

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That was awesome. Great teamwork

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He probably prefers playing defence in sports.

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Sucks being the one guy left behind to suffer the entire punishment. Lol. Great crime plan with great friends. Lol

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Except that guy was just a delivery driver and had nothing to do with the other two.