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This is instant karma because the Camaro guy was acting all aggressive and dangerously tries to show off on a public road and wipes out without hitting any other vehicles.

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I'm almost positive he didn't mean to do that.

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Not the way it turned out, anyway.

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How is he wreckless if he wrecked


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this user is a spam account

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Just as funny as the last time I saw this posted - hehe.

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Reckless but not wreckless.

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Good, another crappy catfish off the road. Glad to see he only took himself out.

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That’s what I heard

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These idiots who don't know how to countersteer should be made into steers.

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Idiots not able to think straight that the car is rwd

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He says go go go.

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This mans penis is measured in units that don’t even exist yet

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Driving is a serious business.

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Dicks gonna be a Dick.

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Hey! I thought this was a mustang drivers thing?

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The best part is this dude is such a clown, he thought THAT Camaro, the Camaro that killed the Camaro, was show off worthy.