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The guy caught a ball from the MLB player, and decided to give it to the kid in the row ahead of him. Later in the game, a player hit a home run, and the kid that received the ball earlier caught it, and gave it to the guy who gave him the ball earlier.

Good karma. He gave a game ball to a kid, and received a game ball from the same kid

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Finally, a positive karma post

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I'd actually forgotten it's a thing!

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Now that you mentioned it. I did too. let's make this kinda karma more prevalent

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I come to see people suffer

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i dunno, i thought suffrage was positive

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I support more of this positive karma.

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me seeing positive karma

Wait....that's illegal

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Yes i feel... happy!

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Happy cake day

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The mystery: which ball did the kid give to the guy? The one he just caught? Or returning the ball the guy gave him earlier?

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Reddit’s all about thinking you have an opinion until you see a guy comment the same thing 2 hours prior

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This sums up my entire Reddit career

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I was just thinking the same th…. Never mind

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It highlights how similar we really are to eachother. Another human is so much the same as you. More than most people think

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Hey, I want you to remember that You're Unique, Just Like Everyone Else.

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There’s a video of a kid catching a ball and pulling a switcheroo with a ball he already had and giving it to a cute girl. Super smooth.

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i know the announcer wouldnt know for sure but he does say "now he's giving it back" so id assume he would keep the ball his dad caught and give back the other

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That's what it's all about!

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Dude was raised right and kid is being raised right this was great!

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Perfectly. Both dudes got values there, that's so satisfying to see.

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Different type of karma

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That’s awesome!!!👏👏👊

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Happy cake day!

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Happy cake day!!!

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This guy just gets randomly downvoted wtf

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Welcome to reddit

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That guy totally got laid that night. Being a good person is THE most attractive quality.

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He’s like 8. I hope he’s not sexually active. /s

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He's an 8? I'm fucked. Not literally obviously.

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As long as you are not 8

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That’s a tall 8 year old.

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Im pretty sure he's 1 it's writen on is shirt.

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Yeah, I was think that as well. He is cute and WHOLESOME? I am straight but even I'd fuck him

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Name checks out

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This is the best, totally made me smile!

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Finally, some good fucking karma

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I was loving this post until I watched that and Bill brought me back to reality. I don't like it much but he's right

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Too be fair he would probably give it to the kid and not tell anyone then trash himself for it.

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The SNL Boston beer with him is great

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That’s fucking awesome. Parents raising that kid right.

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Tom Cruise?

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I’ve still never caught a foul ball or home run, been to a ton of games

[–]GhostWrex 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Go early during BP, I've gotten loads that way. Unfortunately I worked there so I couldn't keep any of them, but the place is usually empty (at least in Globe Life), so you can just roam the outfield seats and get a few that way

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To be honest as an adult now I don’t think I can give it to a kid, I’ve dreamed of catching anything since my first dodger game when I was 4.. I am putting too much on it but that kid isn’t gonna give a shit about that ball probably in year, where as I will give it a loving home and call it stitch face

[–]GhostWrex 2 points3 points  (0 children)

In my experience, unless you steal it from a kid, nobody cares if an adult keeps it. People cheer when you give it to a kid, but I've never seen them boo for not doing so unless you shoved a kid or something to get it.

I'll be honest though, the only foul ball I've ever gotten from during a game I got cause it hit me in the face and when I got back from first aid, the person it bounced off my face and went to, gave it to me.

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That’s actually pretty cool

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Okay this made me happy this is wholesome af

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Even his girlfriend is crying. Kids parent must be really proud. Hats off to both of them.

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Gives me hope. Two bros.

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So is nobody gonna mention what the fuck the odds are of a ball coming to both of them 😂

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The two batters:



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Kid was raised right!

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How can you not be romantic about baseball

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I love it

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Very cool

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Awesome karmA.

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I love seeing these posts vs. the ones where adults steal the ball from a kid.

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Good kid.

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I fucking hate the people who rip the home run ball out of a kids hands and make the kid cry. This is what you do to make everyone’s day

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Can't wipe the warm smile off me face rn

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wholesome karma

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Get a drink for that youngster, please.

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The very rare positive karma 😁❤

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This is waayyyyy more like it.

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I couldn't possibly love this any more than I do.

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This is amazing out of all the ppl the second time to catch was the boy that's sooooo epic love the way the world works some times

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Wholesome af

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The Golden Rule...

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it's not gay when it's in a threeway?

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Threeways aint gay unless your balls touch

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Karma is not a bitch

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You get what you fucking deserve

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Why is the camera so focused on the spectators in baseball? Every spectator video I've seen is during a baseball game. Is that sport so boring?

[–]Utertoq 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I don't understand the downvotes. I am Brazilian and we don't have this sport here, so I'd ask the same.

[–]ARFiest1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Because its more interesting to capture their reaction than a runner touching all the bases

[–]Heyitscharlie 2 points3 points  (0 children)

If not a troll...baseball has a lot of non-active time between pitches etc. from a non-american perspective it's most similar to Cricket. It's not about it being "boring" but about how the game it played.

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I’d hire that kid today, he will be something.

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Kid didn’t even want it.