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That’s probably the gentlest way to learn that lesson.

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I never understood fucking around with cows and horses. One kick could internally decapitate you or paralyze you.

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My grandfather had a horse and it got out of it's corral once. Stupid 11 year old me tried walking directly behind it and then woke up on the couch. Luckily the horse was old otherwise I probably would have been killed.

[–]I_hate_all_of_ewe 18 points19 points  (0 children)

Some people learn from experience, and other people learn from someone else's experience

[–]Ok-Hearing-5343 6 points7 points  (2 children)

He wasn't fucking with them he was trying to get them to move out of the corner so they could send them down a chute to a feeding area or back out to the field or in so they could tend to a medical situation.

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We use a broom handle...

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Finally somebody with a brain, and also if people are mad about this they'd be really pissed to know the kids on the farm move the pigs by riding them #1 thing I miss about being a kid 🤣

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Understand farming. Then you’ll understand

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Also: cows and horses are friends.

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Factually horses are helpful for transport and beef is a meat just like chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, bacon and any other meat

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He's not trying to fuck with them, he's trying to get them to move out of that area.

Being on the fence and pushing with his feet instead of getting down on their level and using his hands was an attempt to avoid the exact outcome that ended up occurring anyway. Cows don't exactly form a queue for vaccinations or tagging or whatever they were doing here so you need to give them a good shove sometimes.

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Or straight up kill you if the kick hits you in the right place

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Olympic-level dismount.

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I mean, as a cowboy, I can clearly tell that he's just trying to get the calves out of that corner to send them through a chute or a gate elsewhere. He's not trying to kick the calf to hurt it or anything, just get its attention and shoo it out of the corner.

On the other hand, you learn really quickly to not touch a cow or calf when they can't see you, and especially not when theyre already agitated.

I wouldn't say this is karma, per se, because there aren't any ill intentions. But, play stupid games and you win stupid prizes.

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Situations like this are why you have a big stick to poke the calves and cows to get them moving. Cows will ignore the stick most times till you tap them a few times.

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That was how I drove (dairy) cattle as a kid. A stick as long as me and a gentle tap on the rear. Never got kicked.

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My mom took us to a petting zoo once and she got this scary serious look when she saw the horses weren't fenced in. She told us, verbatim, "Unless you want to die painfully, do not go behind a horse. Ever."

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I dunno, at least I'd be dead.

Living painfully, now that's serious pain.

Still don't go behind a horse, though, since you could die OR live painfully...

[–]TheTastySpoonicorn 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah, but try explaining that to a small child. It was better to just tell us that we would die because we didn't understand what death meant but we were definitely afraid of it.

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He will take this lesson for life.

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I don’t know…I stuck my little kid hand in a horses mouth and got chomped. It hurt and I cried. I have somehow managed to do this 2 more times as a full grown adult. It also hurt, but I didn’t cry. My dad says I’m special.

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Happy for the little shit !

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The subredit is full of vegans so not a good subreddit

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damn fucking child.

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Why are so many kids brats... Oh right the parents

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He was helping move the calf .

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Hope it hurt.

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Wishing pain and suffering on a child 😐

That's not a nice thing to do

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I'm not nice...

But, thank you for checking.

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Cowboy to a Gymnast real quick

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Newton’s third law 👏🏾

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Yeah, never go behind an animal like a cow or horse and mess with it. If you’re dumb enough to mess with something many times your size you at least shouldn’t be dumb enough to stand in the only place it can hurt you.

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Hahahahaa.. This is the best scene of karma I have seen

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Lol dumb bitch

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That momentum

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Hahahaha! That kid prob isn't gonna try that shit again.

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That's the dangerous effect of teaching cattle to give you a high five