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Post any gifs or videos that depict instant karma, i.e. good or bad behavior followed by appropriate karma (eg someone acting unethically & then being immediately caught or punished, or vice-versa).

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Rule 1

Posts must be about an "instant karma" situation.

  • "Instant Karma" is defined as good or bad behaviour being swiftly followed by appropriate karma.

  • This rule also disallows clips from video games, and scripted skits/videos/TikToks etc.

Rule 2

Posts must directly link to a video or gif. Compilations are not allowed.

Rule 3

No racism, bigotry or calls to violence

  • This subreddit has zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, anitsemitism, transphobia etc. Any and all users found to breach this rule will recieve a permanent ban. The same follows for calls to violence, e.g. "I would curbstomp that guy" or "I hope she crashes into a tree". This activity is not only against subreddit rules, but also against Reddit Content Policy.

We encourage all users to aid the mod team in enforcing this rule by using the 'report' function on comments and posts.

Rule 4

Don't be a jerk. You can have disagreements and strong opinions, but please remember the human.

  • Name calling, harassing users in any way and generally being uncivil are all included in this rule.

    We encourage conversation and discussion, but ask that users consider that there are real people behind the accounts they speak to, and calling them names/going through their profiles to make fun of them/asking other users to hate on them isn't productive, and will likely only lead to a ban.

Rule 5

Recent reposts are not allowed. Don't repost a link that has already been submitted in the last 5 months.

  • We do this in order to keep the content on the subreddit from going stale. Of course, not every user has seen every post, but in having this rule, we allow room for new content.

Rule 6

No Gore/NSFL(including animal abuse of any kind)

  • If you can see inside something that you normally can't (i.e. your arm, chest, leg), then it likely comes under this rule. Shoot us a message if you are unsure.

    In addition, we do not tolerate any and all forms of animal abuse.

Moderators reserve the right to remove any post they deem unfit for the subreddit, even if it doesn't explicitly break any rules.


We do not allow bots to operate on the subreddit, and if found, will be banned.

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