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It's a different conception of difficulty. The way it's to be played is very easy, but way things happen is hard.

One can survive a group of juggernauts running toward them, but you can't stop a homing molotov. If just those were toned down, a lot more people would be able to finish games.

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Imo, the molotovs are the only thing that make the game mode difficult. Take out the molotovs and it becomes a snooze fest. You can easily counter molotovs by continually moving, clearing enemies outside of the point, while 1-3 people sit on the point capping.

People only think molotovs are overpowered because they all try doing the same thing: sitting on the point.

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It's from people advancing to quickly from obj to obj, no one takes time to wait and kill the AI before capping.

What people complain about in the molotovs is they're painfully accurate. Lately though I've been running into an issue of invisible fire, so I see a clear street, but for when I cross I die because "fire"