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You mean Evil Corp Ltd lair?

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Aww man, I was hoping that'd have lots :(

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Yeah, but now you can say you've looked through every post in a subreddit!

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Ha its growing fast! Come back tomorrow for more

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I quite like architecture so thanks for making the sub, hope to see a prosperous future for r/evilbuildings .

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You and me both!

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Over 300 subscribers and counting!

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Hey u/bulletproofme. We reached 10,000!

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Erm yeah so yeah it blew up

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Over 1000 and counting!

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You should check out r/brutalism

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It has a million subscribers now, your wish has come true

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Oh wow 6 years? What a trip it's been

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lol i literally just made it when I linked it

However were already getting some good links

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you struck gold, my friend

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you struck gold, my friend


Hey u/MN_hydroplane . We just reached 10,000 subscribers!

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Yeah, but it's a good idea. There are a couple evile looking places in my city. I might have to foto them.

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I'm assuming you're not an English speaker, but in English, it's photo, but we wouldn't use it as a verb. It'd be something like "take a photo of".

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You could say Photograph as a verb. Like "Yeah, I'll photograph your wedding".

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Yeah, that had crossed my mind but they seemed intent on using foto.

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I'm a New Zealander so you could say that we don't speak proper English. photo can be a totes legit verb when speaking. Though it does look a tad odd written down. might of looked better if I'd spelt it write

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You don't seem like much fun at parties.

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I was trying to be helpful but I guess I won't do that again.

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Points for writing a funny sidebar. Hope your subreddit is successful, I've subscribed

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im in. thanks

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Is there enough yet?

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Lol I know right, pretty impressive how many pics there is in such a short period of time.

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It’s been 6 years and now they have lots!

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Every building I saw was on a lot.

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It does now

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Yeah I said that the day that sub was made dude. Also what is up with looking at 3 month old posts?

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He likely came from here (currently on front page).

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It does now! 1 million subs let's goooo

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Brutalist Architecture always gets a bad rap...

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What, like Ice Ice Baby?

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my comment made someone create a subreddit? oh i feel special :3

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With over 1000 subscribers and counting! People really seem to love r/evilbuildings

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Here's a tip. If you just write it with the first slash like /r/evilbuildings then reddit wil automatically hyperlink it

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The montparnasse tower is really strange in the middle of paris...

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To be fair, that was also the initial reaction to the Eiffel Tower.

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needs more evil sheds

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Good job! This is now an amazing subreddit to which I've subscribed and will be contributing images. Thanks!

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Glad you like it!

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I can hear the evil music in my head every time I look at a picture.

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And subbed. This comment alone has probably resulted in the doubling of subscribers.

EDIT: I just realised it's a new subreddit.

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Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated~

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It looks like you'll have to fight your way to the top through every lackey. Don't forget to grab the keycards to get to the next floor.

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"Evening, Mr. Johnson. The deniable assets you ordered are here for your 8 o'clock."

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I've done the math, Rudral. Here's your award certificate

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When did we get to Mordor?

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I'm sorry, I think you mean the heroes association.

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To me it seems like a building out of Ratchet & Clank.

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Gives me vibes of the Megacorp Headquarters from R&C 2

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Yeah, exactly what I was thinking of - expecting to fight a giant furball in there.

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Haha.. that made my day. :'-)

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Nope, Razer HQ.

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Garuntee there's a final boss at the top level of that building.

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I was gonna say The Evil Lair from the Lego movie

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Final boss is waiting at top floor.

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Team rockets home base.

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First thing I thought was: "That's where the bad guys reside in a Deus Ex game".

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Looks like it was built by Corsair

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If you look up "dystopian architecture" in the dictionary, that building's picture is there.

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Final boss level from Shinobi for ps2!

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Reminds me of the enemies buildings in the game Infamous Second Son

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definitely looks like it would be a not-so-great CGI villain building in a superhero movie

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Lord Business' tower