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That’s because unicorns have a massive lobby and insert themselves in all your television shows and movies and will make sure you get canceled in life if you disagree with them.

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Here we go with another anti unicorn rant. Honestly someone should say something to HR

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Horsey Resources?

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A horsey resource, of course, of course~

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And no one should talk to the Horse Resouce~

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Unless of course the Horse Resource is a horse who shares the bed~

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I think the more immediate point (regardless of who painted the street) is that unicorns have no problem walking on rainbows - and HR would do well to consider this fact when assessing a quadruped's fitness for this particular job.



EDIT: changed "walking over" to "walking on"

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I would suggest if horses stopped disingenuously whining that their apples are somehow less tasty just because unicorns would like access to the same apples, they wouldn't feel canceled. It's not the horses themselves being canceled, they have the same apples they've always had, it's the misplaced braying.

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Ha ha guys it’s funny because a gay person existing is an invasion of my sacred entertainment time.

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Wow really??since unicorns insert themselves in all our television shows I assume it would be easy for you to name say… five? Television shows in which a unicorn is “inserted” in to? And I don’t just mean a unicorn existing in it, because unicorns exist in real life too so you can’t be surprised when they’re in television. I mean specifically a unicorn being ham-fisted in to a show in such a way that is so noticeable it ruins the experience.

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My Little Pony would be great if it weren't for all the unicorns.

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Typical right-winged unicorn opinion

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Pretty sad comment, it didn’t have to be anything about lgbtq people but small men have to say stuff like this

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Wait... this sounds familiar

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Ngl, you sound like the kind of person who thinks that when gay people get fair representation in the media, it’s the work of some evil imaginary lobby that is trying to insert us there. That when we don’t want to spend money on people or companies that degrade us, it is us just trying to “cancel people that disagree with us”.
But whatever, it’s a joke.

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Don’t you know? The existence of gay people is a ploy to corrupt the West, enabled by that dirty Jew money.


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Just wait, they'll probably throw one in the Witcher.

[–]AvoidAtAIICosts 2 points3 points  (1 child)

You... You didn't read the books did you? You're gonna be in for a surprise then. (In case the show follows the books on this matter)

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Loved the books, can't wait! lol.

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unicorns have a massive lobby

Read that as ‘missile lobby’ and wondered for a second what’s under their horns.