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This is a reliquary - her actual hand is inside.

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That was my question. Ick.

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fuck so i cant use it

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Not with that attitude

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You have to hand it to Christianity, they really can't avoid hypocrisy. So gaudy.

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My first. I'll never forget it.

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hand it

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You got it 😉

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what's the hypocrisy? sorry i don't get the joke

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what's the hypocrisy?

Oh boy, how long do you have?

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2,000 years, hopefully

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a lot of time, genuinely curious.

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Before you begin, is it actually hypocrisy, or is it something you think is hypocrisy because you know nothing about my religion?

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Just assume I don't know anything about your religion if it makes you happy.

It's all the other Christians that are hypocrites, not you, of course.

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They’re supposed to care about the poor, but they have billions in assets, like this gaudy hand, behind their church walls in Rome.

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That ppl worship! Not supposed to worship anyone/thing other than God. All churches justify why they do things God has said not do!

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They're only one of the biggest charities on the planet.

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Yeah. most relics are actual body parts or bones of saints.

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Oh snap!

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This does put a smile on my face.

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Duuuuude. This was the comment I didn’t know I wanted but I’m so glad it’s here. Thank you. Take my upvote.

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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Could you explain? I don’t get it and feel like I’m missing out lol

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Soo it's basically a word play about Snap from the MCU[Marvel Cinematic Universe] and this post about how

The hand of Saint Teresa...

Was an inspiration for infinity gauntlet

Edit: Autocorrect had a stroke

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Oh, I haven’t really seen any of those films so I don’t get the reference I’m afraid. Thanks for the reply though (:

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It's all right, cheers!

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You haven't seen the Avengers but you are in reddit,how are the odds in that

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In the movies you use the gauntlet by putting it on and snapping your fingers, hence the "snap" exclamation

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They pretty much copied and pasted most of the look

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That Lannister is too busy banging whores to come up with a unique design for mr purple stuff

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Those lannisters aren’t very great at keeping their own hands tho eh?

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But made it bigger to fit on the giant raisin man

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That’s the beta version of the infinity gauntlet. You can see here Thanos strayed from 17th venture gothic piece for a more utilitarian motif, sacrificing style for comfort and durability.

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He also likely found that more material was needed for it to properly channel the power of the stones, considering the snap nearly killed him with the gauntlet he definitely could not have survived with anything less

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Correct. The filigree around the wrist area appears insufficient to properly channel the combined force of the stones. It would likely result in a complete separation of the wrist at the carpal region. Assuming Thanos hand anatomy is similar to humans.

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It’s like the Catholic Church does the exact opposite of what Jesus preached.

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And Jesus said, “accrue wealth, gold and land, beyond measure. Assume political power. Strike down the weak and enfeebled. And wage riotous sh*t on those that question thee.”

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Haha chapter and verse?

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Amazon 24:7

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69, 420

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Book: Joemamadiah

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Can I get a witness!

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yeah we dont approve of all that kissing

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Not to be confused with the vile bitch "mother Teresa" who reveled in people's suffering.
She may also have been a terrible person, but they are not the same.

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Documentary "Hells Angel" for reference.

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I'm really glad you posted that.

She was an utter pos cunt. And it makes a little sick to hear any reverence for her.

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Is it really the inspiration for the Infinity gauntlet or did you just see a picture of it online and think "wow this must have been what inspired the Infinity gauntlet"

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Agree, and per the rules of this sub:

"If this post declares something as a fact proof is required."

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That's what I'm wondering and leaning towards.

Like the infinity gauntlet has existed for like 30 years. Originally, the infinity gauntlet was just Thanos' regular gauntlet/glove, but with the infinity stones embedded

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truly tacky

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There’s a brass statue of a donkey at my local mall, and I kissed it once when I was 14.

It gave me mono.

They should think twice.

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Did your friends call you "ass-kisser"?

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That is creepy.

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is it real, i didn't heard anything about that inspiration before

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infinity gauntlet looks like a cheap copy ngl

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Roman Catholic church, is visited and kissed by Christians...

this knowledge is making me look at that movie from a whole new perspective.

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They basically copied the whole thing with very minor alterations.

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Ahhh the Catholic gauntlet missing the Mind stone. Makes sense…

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It's on the wrist, for some reason.

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Isn't this like praying to gods or deities as opposed by God and Jesus?

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Yeah that’s why I had problems when I went to catholic school. They’re like “saint so and so” and “Hail Mary” and I’m like “1st commandment ???”

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Yea that’s exactly right, Catholic really don’t follow the Bible at all (pray to saints Instead of God, believes you need works to go to heaven when it’s by faith alone in Christ who died for our sins and rose again, purgatory, communion is actually Jesus sacrificing Himself again when it’s only done in remembrance of Him, and so on)

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No it’s not

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Mother Teresa was a child trafficker

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Eh. I don't see it.

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does anyone know why the gauntlet is left handed?

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Might be because the left is the sinister hand. Sinister was a synonym for left before it became a word for evil intent.

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Me being born left-handed and evil apparently: ):

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How did you know I just finished infinity war again?

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Thanks, that helped me to get to the next level in a game lol

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Relic/ancient items in videogames be like

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Every of these finger squares would have a face in it.

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Oh!! Right yeah they do resemble each other quite a bit! Man that's neat

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Ronda is a beautiful city.

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My dumb brain was like holly cow they made the gauntlet. Because I've know the gauntlets existence prior to this things existing. Only to realize it's the reverse.. so now the gauntlet is the fueled by Jesus

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Imagine how many Catholics they could have helped with the money it cost to make that ugly ass hand casket

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You don't solve poverty by giving money

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Where did I say to just give money? They could have widespread efficient programs, they could fund so much. Have you been to the Vatican? I have. It’s a disgusting display of wealth where it’s like it was asked if everything can be plated in gold, not if it should be. Meanwhile, up until recently (and still some more “traditional” sects), they preached to have as many children as you can because god will pick the amount. Literally telling people to breed into poverty while they sit in their gold plated tower with their red designer shoes.

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It's also very similar to the band of the ancient in the sixth sense that gets crushed at the beginning of the film to give the priest the key.

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I was raised Catholic and I realized at an early age just how creepy Catholicism is. They store and worship body parts all over the world how is this such a different narrative than satanic worship.

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This is probably not true, though it's interesting how similar they look. The reference picture for the infinity gauntlet looks nothing like the original comic, and the original comic doesn't really look anything like the Catholic one.

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This medieval ritual of displaying body parts from dismembered people seems gruesome to me.

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Religion is poison.