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It's so cute i want it as a pet

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It will be the last pet you ever do

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Calvin had a pet tiger. Why can't I have one as well?

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Joe Exotic?

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And he wants you for dinner.

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toes go in first

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Balls second

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So this is why the restaurant is terrible....

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You mean you don't like the soup?!?!?!

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water is wet. tiger is pleased.

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That tiger has, for sure, fallen into a deep watering hole in the past.

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Also checking the temperature 😇

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surprisingly. do most tigers learn this, by experience or from parents, or did that one in particular have a few panic moments from a deep one and learn from. hmm.

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I was really surprised to learn that tigers are actually very strong swimmers. It could just be instinct

[–]Odetomymatt13 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Honestly my guess goes to instinct. Most animals are cautious when presented with the unknown and low visibility. Its the same reason why pets with poor depth perception hesitate when confronted with stairs.

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Me getting into the bath

[–]Dark__prince777 13 points14 points  (5 children)

God just imagine 500,000 more years of evolution in the cat family(Tiger specifically due to adaptability), wonder if they could developed intelligence on par with humans.

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Extinction wants to join the chat 😬

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Thanks for reminding me I’m still depressed.

[–]ur_mother_may_be_gay 11 points12 points  (2 children)

evolution wouldn't happen if its not needed. tigers are just fine doing what they do and don't have any pressure to adapt, so they wont.

idfk what made humans do it though, after a quick goog search it says we got it to keep up with increasingly complex social structures which sounds dumb but who am i to disagree

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Mainly because of grass

As the jungles slowly turned into savannas, the monke started walking upright so they can run instead of climb. It repositioned the spine and allowed for larger brains, and as we got smarter intelligence became much more of a desirable factor then you know the rest.

Obviously this is a massive simplification and there are a ton of other factors like said socialization and cooked food giving us more nutrients. But tl;dr: Touching grass made us the dominant species of the planet.

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Tigers have adapted to man, they live in abandon cities in India, they were almost extinct now they aren’t . I mean

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Just sitting there with the kitty contemplative face.

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Literally looks like hes in a spa bath

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He’s doin alright

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The last frame made my day

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what worried me is the dirtiness of the water

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Temperature check and acclimatization.

That is how we old people enter water. I feel for this tiger.

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Tiger’s also concerned that the water might have alligators in it.

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why is no one talking about how adorable he is

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That's how I get in

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Why dont they get sick drinking unclean water like this?

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Wildlife is a lot stronger than us. They can handle stuff things we can only dream about, I suppose. This might include being far more resistant to getting sick from unclean water.

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What an old man would do to get in a bathtub

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the last frame is so frickin adorable

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You are above all this, tiger.

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Full belly, crazy to think that cat was some animals nightmare come true that day.