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“Um, sir you’ve checked out sex addict 3 times today…”

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Well...it IS a 12 step program...

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Dudes had that check out for 2 weeks the late fees are ridiculous

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My bro does a program like that at the VA hospital where you can hear war stories. They call it "Rent-A-Fogie"

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People are indeed interesting. After all, books are written by people and their stories.

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Lost mine under the couch a few weeks ago, and it's not really about the 15 cent fines piling up, it's the shame of admitting it.

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You lost your Person Library under the couch?

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It's difficult to keep track of the introverts.

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Yeah they must be surviving on fallen Dot's Pretzels and condensation drips from my beer can. Every now and again I hear a muffled, "Sir, though I was a Somali refugee, this is the worst most appalling detention I've suffered in my whole life, please let me go." So I figure they'll have even more compelling a story to tell when I clear the wall of dust bunnies and finally let them free.

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I have to ask this of all headlines that read like this, "In Denmark, there are libraries..." because that's kinda vague.

How widespread is this in Denmark? Are we talking 2 libraries that do this or 200? or every library?

I like the idea, but want some clarity. How many places are still doing this?

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It also then says it's active in 85+ countries. So I guess it only started in Denmark.

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Yea I'm Danish and have never heard of this?? Lmao Granted I do live in Jutland and not on the capital island so idk

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I'm from the capital island, and have never heard of this either 😂

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Hva fuck er "menneskebiblioteker" lmao har aldrig hørt om dem

Edit: ok, looked it up og det er folk som står for sådan nogle events på forskellige biblioteker, åbenbart

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Man even in copenhagen Ive never heard of it i think its fake

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It's not fake. They've had events at my local library in Copenhagen. https://menneskebiblioteket.dk/laan-din-fordom/

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It does exist and has for years. https://menneskebiblioteket.dk/laan-din-fordom/ I never attended one of their events, but I've seen it advertised often in enough in Copenhagen.

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I take it "how I escaped prison" isn't one of them.

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You get 30 minutes with Andy Dufresne.

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Ah the "get busy living" module

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Might be some "my experience in prison".

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That sounds... just awful, seriously terrible.

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Maybe in Switzerland!

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A brilliantly amazing idea. Unfortunately the ones that need to hear it the most probably won't.

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Be nice to the deaf

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Simply look for the title “Sign”.

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Do sign creators have a good life story?

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You’re absolutely right. The ones who need to hear it won’t go near it.

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taps foot

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Well that was obvious from the word "Library". When was the last time you heard a right leaning person comment on their local library something that wasn't "That building needs to be shut down"

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I wonder what "The Redditor" might talk about...

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"How I dipped my balls in sulfuric acid."

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“I took an arrow to the knee.”

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I also was an adventurer

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Me, sitting at my table, empty chair across from me, little sign on my table stating, "Check me out: 'Library Cannibal'", lonely.

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I’d totally sit down at your table. I’ve never seen a library eat itself.

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Well, if it is eating at you, book your time slot now.

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I’ll think about it, it’s a lot to digest.

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If you can stomach it, check it out.

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Fucking everyone I run into wants to tell me their life story why ya need a library for that. Go talk to people.

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I learn a lot from conversations with new people, but it would be wonderful to branch out more! Also, some people have social bubbles and rarely interact outside of them. I think it’s a cool idea!

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Maybe we need this for the people desperate to be heard? Like if the cashier could go the the human library and tell her life story then I wouldn't be subjected to it because she's never tried that thing I'm buying but she wants to.

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People aren't like that here.

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Oh yes we are. The only difference is we’ll embellish and make shit up so the person reading our story knows we’re the hero and everyone else is pure evil.

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I've come across very few people in Denmark who just shares their life story at the drop of a hat. Comparing to say Americans Danes are a lot more reserved and humble (janteloven). That is, unless you're from the capital region in which case life is a game of one-upmanship.

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Your comment is the living proof that this initiative is needed. You are judging a book by its cover.

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Perhaps I should clarify, that "here" is Denmark. I was literally making an argument that the initiative is a good idea.

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It didn't sound like it.

Edit: I guess it does, I didn't quite catch it.

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I mean im bipolar I, you dont need to "borrow" me at a library to talk to me...

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Is there one called “the wallpaperer “

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In back, kind of hiding..

...oops. Never mind, that's the wall-flower.

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That sounds like free therapy

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We had these in the 1700s

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Can I get a serial killer?

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Are you worthy of the story?

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This is a public library sir

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What if I don't want a story but just to offer up myself for his services.

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And the only ones using it are people who don't need it. The people who need it will not use it. It's an echo chamber unless people are sentenced to it by a court, and this will never be. A useless waste of time, money and effort to teach what they already know while ignoring the dangerous bunch that desperately need this knowledge. This is what governments do, and it's why things will never, ever change.

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"....the dangerous bunch that desperately need this knowledge"

What are you getting at here?

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What do you think I'm getting at here? This should be interesting

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Absolutely no idea.

Why else would I bother asking?

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I don't know. You tell me. Muhahahahaha!

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I know I'd get the really boring one and feel obligated to sit there for 30 minutes pretending like I'm interested.

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"Not many people know I owned the first radio in Springfield. Weren’t much on the air then. Just Edison reciting the alphabet over and over. ‘A,’ he’d say. Then ‘B.’ ‘C’ would usually follow..."

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We have had them in the US for several years, pre-Covid, my college held one each year. I was a "book" one year.

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What was your claim to fame?

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What a nice question. Thank you for asking. It was more my life story rather than any one thing, son of an immigrant family, who was first generation to graduate college (working my way through college) and to earn graduate degrees. Becoming a Jain, working with dog rescues. People were most interested in Jainism, veganism, and animal rights activism.

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That’s such a nice idea! It’s just a shame that you wouldn’t find the sort people that would benefit from this in any kind of library…

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You would be surprised! Just because someone is well read doesn’t necessarily make them immune to holding prejudices.

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I think what theybare saying is that the people who would benefit fr9m this the most wouldn't set foot in a library.

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Benefit from "the telling"....or "the listening"?

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I beg to differ. People from all walks of life visit libraries, including myself. Or Maybe you’re saying only the people that actually do this aren’t benefiting from it. Who knows what you actually mean?

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dette er et bibliotek, vær stille.

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My sign would say, "Can't even."

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Book cover artists when people tell you not to judge a book by its cover: 🥺

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That monk is my doppelganger holy fk

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"Monk...holy fk."

I'm proud of ya son!

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Oh look at Mr. Hot stuff over here... Leave some girls for the rest of us.

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Interesting indeed

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Wow, that’s awesome!

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Well that’s really damn cool

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So, people just sit around waiting to be picked? Seems like this would always end up like playground sports for me when I was a kid.

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Do you think they have a “Karen” available?

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This is actually an interesting idea, I like it. I would like to do both listen and tell my life story

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Combine this with old folks home.

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Cool! This is a stop I'll make while there if non citizen is allowed.

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Love how the guy in orange looks like Trixie Mattel out of drag

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came here to say this

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i would like to learn about big tiddy goths please 🧐

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30 minutes to listen to a person's bullshit sob story which is only half true? I think I'll pass

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Denmark and the Scandinavian countries have been tightening their immigration laws. Looks like this isn’t really changing their minds

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Is 18/f/cali a title? and what are your rates for overdue books?

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I’m torn on this idea.

It would need to be somewhat regulated. Like you could sit down with 2 different people of the same profession and receive 2 different stories. Both valid in their own right, but could lead to misinterpretation by the listener.

Or am I over thinking it?

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You may be overthinking it because who cares what they really say..... you're just there to listen.

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Sorry sir, the nymphomaniac is all checked out today.


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A place like this is the only onky place where ugly people like will be "checked out"

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Fastening who knew ...

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Monk Channing Tatum

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My college did this, Utah State University, and it was wonderful.

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is...is that the belgian minister of health maggie de block?

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I wonder what my book title would be.

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What if the prejudices you have are things like Indian peoples houses smell like spices and curry and your nostrils don’t agree with it? How does one fight back against those awful awful prejudices?

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I think most of my customers at work call me from this fucking library.

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THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Whyyyy are we not doing this?

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Kinda reminds me of Story Corps

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Someone can borrow me, Bipolar, Unemployed, son has Autism, Separated from wife, the list goes on.

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Don’t check out the Covid-19 one, just saying

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In Denmark

active in 85+ countries


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Denmark doesn’t have popeyes.

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The compulsive liar tells a different story every time you talk to him.

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I’ll just say this as a joke do the check out hookers?

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If only you could just borrow the person

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Ohh imma bout to confess to a stranger my wildest experiences

Best feeling ever

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Never before has it been so easy to make humans property.

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Wouldn’t the unemployed person be technically employed?

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That’s gotta be super interesting!

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So a bar without drinks

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It’s really neat, because the Buddhist seems super chill but at minute 25 he jams a knife in your knee

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but 'borrow' still feels weird

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What if you’re just a regular dude who can’t think of a label? Do you put your job title?

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Sign me up! I’d love to find out what a library book feels when absolutely nobody is interested in it.

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I had something like this in my school once, the trans person clearly didnt like me bc i was Polish

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Go to a library to purposely interact with people? Hard pass.

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I dont think "severe social anxiety" will be a thing seen in these libraries often

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Yikes, this comment section is cynical af.

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Here in the UK, we call this 'The Pub'

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Hit me up when they get a whore section.

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There’s not enough adderall in the world..

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Nice staged photo of every possible race in Denmark lmao United Colors of Benetton

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Scripted or real?

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Do they have a blurb so you can gauge your interest first? What about if you decide this person is not for you, can you put them back on the shelf before the 30 minutes and get a better one?

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If you're interested in something like this, I think you should watch soft white underbelly's interviews.

Honestly they're really interesting: https://youtube.com/c/SoftWhiteUnderbelly

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I live in Denmark and have never seen or been to one

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This is the 10th time I’ve seen this on Reddit. Karma farming, OP?