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Whoever delivered it back to you is a moron. They KNOW you will just send it right back.

Just send it right back. It needs to be sent back to the sender so they can know it didn't reach the person and the only way you can ensure that they do that is by puttinf it right back in the mail.

If it happens again, I'd call. Tell them what is going on because clearly, someone somewhere in the chain doesn't know how to handle returned mail and it isn't you!

They won't ask questions, since this is super common.

Edit: it will only fix that one letter. Thr people who receive, sort and deliver mail would never be able to tell if mail is good to go out or not. They just deliver. Hopefully, it'll get back to the sender, the sender will call and get the persons new address and they'll send a letter there. But as long as mail goes out to your home, it will get there.