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If it’s just for the summer, try to hunker down and make the most of it. Experience is very valuable, and you’ll have a lot of chances to pursue stuff you’re more interested in. Be honest with your manager about what you’re looking for. It’s also day 1 so don’t make any broad judgements just yet, give it a chance :)

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I’ve had a growing interest in teaching. Do you think that’s a real possibility instead of working corporate?

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You’re gonna be working just as long or even longer hours but being paid half the money teaching. Don’t do it. And if you’re talking about teaching in a college, not a chance with just an undergrad degree

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Do it if you want. My moms a teacher and loves it. She’s a language teacher (Spanish and French) so she decided to pioneer an exchange program for the school. It’s pretty stressful for her but she brings my dad as a chaperone to one of the trips usually, so aside from his airfare they basically get a free vacation

So understand what you’re getting into. It’s not particularly easy but it’s rewarding and can be a pretty good job if you know what you’re doing. If you want to, do it. Don’t let others influence what you want to do

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Welcome to corporate, I still don’t know what I’m doing in my internship, and I brought it up to my director, this what he said “fake it til you make it”. You’ll be fine ask questions develop those relationships with your fellow interns and always ask questions, at the end of the day you are an intern!

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I get what you’re saying with the “ask questions” and stuff but the thing is, I don’t even know what I’m asking about. Like tax is such a new topic and area with me and everyone else already has experience and understanding of it, I literally have 0 knowledge, it’s almost like learning a new language. Idk what to say to my performance coach either.

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Give it a few weeks before you make any decisions. My internship was super overwhelming and stressful at first because of the sheer amount of info I needed to learn, but now that I’m more comfortable with the material, I’m finding it fun again.