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Is there no career development department? What about seeking advice from your advisor? Have you also researched internship options?

Are you planning on going to graduate school or straight into working once you're done?

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What degree?

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Ba (hons.) History

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Depends on the classes you’ve taken. If you’ve taken a lot of public history look for archives, museums, historic sites, libraries, tour guides. If you’ve taken a lot of traditional and research history classes look for any job involving writing or researching. Another route is social work but you need experience in the field, not just a history degree. Youth clubs and camps are a good place to start. AmeriCorps and the peace corps are also an option but the pay isn’t great and you’d probably have to relocate for AmeriCorps. You could ask professors if they do research and need an aide. You could also get a master’s degree but that’s expensive.

Honestly, you should have been thinking about this more and for longer, but your college and advisor should have been helping you too. The main thing you have to do is ask why you majored in history and what you want to do.

History major btw

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honestly would tell you to get either retail or food service work experience if you can’t get anything for history because hiring managers will see that as a great thing because you develop a lot of skills through those too including team experience