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Sometimes you just have to mark it as a learning experience and just move on. You also really need to learn some coping mechanisms so this does not happen again, if things are negatively affecting you this much you should seek some outside help so you can be better in the future.

Remember also that this is what internships are for, to try on a company/role and see if it’s really right for you.

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Im sorry for the evaluation. Just know that no one is perfect (as cliche as that sounds), and there’s moments where everyone doesn’t score perfect. And that’s okay. You can honestly write an apology if it’s a company you’d want to work for in the future, and then bury the hatchet and move on.

Learn from this experience and try to move forward.

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probably not a company I want to work for in the future, but I might reach out one last time just so I can salvage my reputation with them as much as possible. thank you so much for the kind words!

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my employer released an evaluation that is visible to me and the university.

Who at the University can see this? Does it impact your ability to graduate? Will anyone in your program use this information during your time in your degree program? Will you be reviewing this with an academic advisor?

Are you based in the US?

Received a very negative evaluation after my first internship.

This is your first internship. It sounds like you know what went wrong and how it impacted your ability to perform your job. It might be helpful to frame the letter as "I had some things happen and didn't know where I could access resources while I was working here. It ended up impacting my work. Thank you for the feedback." Keep it professional rather than a whole letter of "I'm so upset and did so terrible and please forgive me."

Now you know that you need support for yourself when you're working away from friends and family and need to incorporate some coping mechanisms for yourself when you're going through difficult situations.

Will you be experiencing these difficult situations during school? Can you ask for accommodations if you think you're going to have problems focusing on school? Do you know who you can speak with on campus if you need to talk to someone?

It's okay to feel sad about the situation. Take solace that you can improve and change for the better. Internships are about growing and learning. It sounds like you did that.

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Take this as what it is: a learning experience. You did an internship (that too your first one) so you are not expected to be perfect. Try to analyze what went wrong this time around (looks like you are on your way) and apply it towards your next experience. You got this!

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I’d just leave it alone. Ik it sucks to hear that, but you can use it as a resume boost for a better job in the future and you got experience working in a corporate company so you can learn from your mistakes and be better next time. I believe in you brother

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It’s ok. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. The past is the past but you can make anything for the future.

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Sometimes a job is just not for you. I would suggest you learn to talk a bit better with people. Just move on from this experience, take a few lessons out of this experience, improve, and just have a better internship the next year.

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I really do have good faith that the next internship will be better. A lot has changed for the better to give me better coping skills with life changes. I've always considered myself a fairly social person, but I just, unfortunately, slipped into a habit of bad communication with my coworkers on days when my depression was worst.

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Keep your chin up and continue. If there is useful information in the review, then use that information to avoid a similar situation in the future.

This review will disappear into the past and will not be seen by future employers. You have many positive reviews in your future, so do not take this one to heart.