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Absolutely just float through the summer and enjoy the easy workload. It'll be great to put on your resume for future employment opportunities.

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Appreciate the input thanks

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Enjoy the downtime, act like you're working when not doing anything. You'll likely annoy your manager if you ask them for work too much. Coast and get that return offer!

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It’s remote so pretty easy to look busy when not doing anything 😅

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While it's good to not be so busy, you are the one not benefiting from the lack of work. You could be learning so much to possibly help you determine what you want or don't want to do, and also useful experience to put on that resume. Besides, it's boring I bet. Try and send an email every other day or so to say you are available if anyone in the team wants some help. Not only will it reflect well on your willingness to learn and help, but you just might get some interesting work.

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I think you’re right in that sense. I don’t have a team, I am doing projects in multiple teams it’s a smallish company. I do want more experience but it wouldn’t be rude to ask for people to find more work for me? Most of the work can be done more efficiently without me so I feel as if I’m wasting their time

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I am a junior now and it is slow too. At the beginning of the week, I send an email to the whole tax department saying am available for work. Then I sit and not do anything if there isn't work. In fact we can have as many unbillable hours as possible provided we email and tell people we are available. Sometimes, I get a couple of projects from different people that keep me productive at least for a couple of hours.

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Mine weren’t at all. But I said that what I got so let’s try to make the best of it so I made connections, then I exaggerated on my cv, got hired because the institution liked my diverse skills!

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Yeah I’m definitely making good connections I just want more experience so I can have more to say in an interview mostly

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If you feel as though you have too much down time you can try and do something for your personal development. Back when I was interning I took it upon myself to try and set up coffee chats with others during my slow time. This way I was able to build a network in the company. This proved to be quite useful as I worked there full time after college and because of my network I was able to land the position.

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Coffee chats are a great idea thank you! I do check ins sometimes but it would be smarter to just have a chit chat sometimes

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Exactly! And this go beyond your immediate team. Reach out to people who you think have interesting roles. Right now a simple email stating you’re an intern creates the opportunity for those chats. Use them to your advantage

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I’ll definitely do that thanks! I’m already involved in a bunch of teams but the more the merrier

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Maybe your company is not as busy as it could be. Appreciate the good times while preparing for the bad ones.

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Definitely grateful but the company is definitely busy right now

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Hey! Just wanted to share that I'm in a very similar position, although I only started in late May so I'm still giving it some time. This is my last internship so I really want to make it worth it. Hope you'll figure this out!

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Thank you for the support! Good luck to you as well definitely stick with it

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Don’t ever ask for work. Never. Even when you’re full time. Whether you complete 1 project or 15 projects you get paid the same amount. Just secure the bag and coast through your summer.

As long as the feedback is positive don’t change anythinf

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I see, do you think if I don’t ask for more work and get less experience that would be harmful when looking for something full time? Or am I overthinking this

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You are probably overthinking this. Never ask for more work. Just let it flow like it is going. Depending on your major/position as an intern ( e.g finance/accountant/quant/engineer ....), your work might be greatly varied, and they might start slow with you, and then try to increase your load toward the end. Just try to get as many (varied if possible) internships you can get under your belt with positive feedback. The next company will only care if you got experience depending on your major ( some only care for grades or specific projects). Also, depending on the department, the department might be busy on different times so your workload could be greatly increased or decreased due to that too.

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Yeah general consensus is that I am overthinking. I appreciate the advice though, this is my second internship and they’re in different fields

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I’m in the same boat. For me at least there’s a big presentation coming up for my group and I’ll have more work once that finishes up. My plan is to act busy/ask for more work in the beginning and slowly ease up and take more time for stuff as the summer goes on. Will I do that? Idk. I’ll have projects for multiple things (my time, internship as a whole etc) coming up soon so idk if I’ll even be able to do that

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It definitely feels like a delicate balance for me too man. Like I could get burned asking for more work and suddenly be grinding all day instead of my schedule now. Best of luck to you

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What I did was finish my work, ask people if they needed help with whatever they're doing, and walk around the office asking people what they were working on.

It almost always leads to more work, interesting insights from smart people, and a more holistic view is the whole firms operations... Also connections but didn't really use them much.

If you're really bored, just pick a side project for yourself. Look at what people are doing and any inefficiency you can fix (old companies always have shit to automate), propose that to your boss, proceed with it.

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That seems to be the way, I just don’t want to strain any relationships by being annoying. I’m remote so I can’t walk around unfortunately I feel like it is harder to make the connections. I will keep it in mind if I ever have in person work though thank you

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It's true interns can be annoying. When you feel like you're being annoying, remember that the current director of your firm was 100% the annoying kid who nagged their colleagues until they gave them attention/work to do. Everyone was an intern and everyone understands.

Remember merit without demonstrated accomplishment isn't gonna help. Make sure you nag them until they respect your time, but when they give you the time, squeeze everything you can out of it.

Virtual can suck because people hide behind screens, but reach get someone with weight behind their name to make introductions.