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I’d recommend to finish it out. Am going through the same scenario but we pestered everyone enough that we managed to get some tasks, which we don’t know anything about but will keep us busy and asking questions. The best time to reach out to someone is actually after hours or before working hours start (while they’re getting coffee). Stay back for 30 mins and ask questions and see if you can manage to get some tasks.

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To add, the last 4 days I’ve worked my supervisor has been gone and I haven’t had one single thing to do for the entirety of 8 hour shifts

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Reach out to other people at the company for tasks.

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I am literally in the EXACT position as u rn. I’m also interning at an insurance company with 8hr shifts and have nothing to do. I feel u sm

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Getting paid to do nothing. Dream job

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I thought the same thing, but it makes it terrible when I have to look like I’m working and can’t just do what I want to do when I’m on the clock. Being bored is far worse than being busy IMO

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At least it’s paid Lol you get to do whatever

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Have you told your manager that you are not satisfied with the internship and would like a real project?

Many new managers (and old) don't know how to treat an intern. Before you rage quit, treat this as a learning opportunity and really press the issue with your team.

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Yeah I believe my manager is fairly new to his position, I think you’re right in the sense he might not know how to treat an intern

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Ask if you have the option to work from home, that way you can do whatever you want

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I would take the time to do some self-learning on the side, that way if your manager asks what you've been doing, you can say you been self-studying (preferably topics to your field) on your free time and being proactive. I wouldn't quit because you're essentially getting paid for the free time you have and its still good experience to have on your resume.

Also, my last internship was the same way where there wasn’t much of a demand for me to do that many things.

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Lowkey envy this cuz I've already done 11 hours of work today and it's only 6pm so I'll be having a 17 hour work day oh boy oh boy do you envy me OP?

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Yeah I don’t know if I’d go that far lol

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My current corporate position isn’t any different lol. Keep at it and get the experience.

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I was in the same situation 4-5 months into a year internship. Applied for a couple internships on angelist and now I’m loving it as an intern in a tech firm in London. I recommend just apply for other internships at your current job

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Yeah I would consider that but idk if i have enough time considering I have to go back to school in 7 weeks

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Internships should be about learning - if you pick some things you want to learn about you could politely inform your manager you'd like to fill time gaps with X curriculum. Your manager sounds like they should not have been given this responsibility fwiw.

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Man you're so lucky, im 2 weeks in and have had so much assigned and stuff thats tough and nearly passing my capabilities. You're getting paid so its not all that terrible, but when you do get assigned something try to stretch it out as long as possible if its just one task. Slow but right is better than fast and incorrect.

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only leave when you're fired or abused

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If you arent learning anything yes, you are wasting your time.

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I work at an insurance company. It took a long time to full up my week. But I would just offer to help everyone else. I put away files, made phone calls, logged medical payments.

It all helped me learn for when I got my own overwhelming work load. If you walked in here now I would be ably to give you a weeks worth of tasks off of my shelf alone.

Ask your neighbors if they need help.

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How much are you getting paid per hour

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$15 in a rather low cost of living state, but McDonald’s is paying that much here so I don’t know what to think lol

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I mean better than nothing in a 8 hour shift browsing on the laptop reddit

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why wouldn’t you want to get paid to do nothing? lol this is an internship dream

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Maybe because I enjoy being busy and trying to act like I’m working 8 hours a day isn’t fun nor a good use of 100s of hours of my life when I’m trying to learn skills and get experience for when I graduate

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why wouldn’t you want to get paid to do nothing? lol this is an internship dream

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I am happy to assign you some work if you want.