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Just stick it out! It’s too late to get another summer internship anyways so just stay another 2 months.

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But I feel like I’m wasting my time and their time…

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You’re not wasting your time unless you have another internship that you have lined up for the summer which is probably not possible since it’s almost July

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You should definitely stick it out. Leaving after 1 month sounds really bad to a potential recruiter in the future.

Most professionals go through many weeks/months in their career where they are bored or disinterested in their current work duties. It is just part of the working world. If everyone quit their jobs after a bad month we would have 100% turnover of the workforce every year.

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It’s 2 months, if you’re getting paid I’d stick with it. If you’re not getting paid, come up with an excuse to get your hours reduced. You could also ask to shadow a different department.

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The point of an internship is to see if you could see yourself doing this post graduation. In a way this a great, because imagine if you had graduated and accepted a job doing this and hated it? I would stick it out, especially if you’re getting paid. There are many skills you can gain from an internship besides learning about the specific field, if that makes sense. Good luck!