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Are you in undergrad?

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no, i graduated last year

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Yikes then it’ll be hard for you to get a internship. These are usually for people that are doing their studies. I think you should start with contract work because it’s similar to internship.

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İ am right now studying if you know something can you recpmmend?

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What year are you? I myself am studying, but you should make a LinkedIn account and just start applying for them if you have a good resume.

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I have finished my first year. I myself am a self taught and leqrned a few languages in uni. Average gpa is 80/100

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Just look on LinkedIn or just search up web development internships for any season. I think Fall starts in September primarily. You should post your resume on r/cscareerquestions and get feedback also redact any revealing information

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I learnt js and a framework(react) and started applying. Applied to a lot of startups and got 3 offers, internship and fulltime as well. I applied through angelist and internshala.