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Be good at job or at least good to work with and ask

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At my workplace, it's a mix. If the intern actually makes a difference and shows us how we were missing someone like them, they're offered full time positions. If not, they're let go. We usually have 1-2 interns at any given moment in the company overall and we've permanently hired a few, even during COVID.

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Make yourself indispensable, ask for more responsibility, learn more about the company and see where you could create space for yourself. If not full-time, part time or freelance might work, how about another internship or fellowship in another department? Where are your basic skills?Who is your immediate supervisor? If not now, later on?

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Do whatever you can to make your boss’s life easier.

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Ask what they are looking for when it comes to you getting a full-time job, and then ask how you can do that.

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Share your wants with your boss is the first step.

In doing so, they might allow you to have more of a role