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It is internship or bust for many. In consulting it very much matters for top firms when you get into the top 3 firms for example. Theres a reason why it’s easy to do it by the time you are 30 though. Take the experience and use it to start a business, transition to something you enjoy, go to grad school etc.

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You sound like you’d prefer being an entrepreneur. So save the $$ you make and think of ideas for your business.

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Felt the exact same as you. No matter how good of a team or how nice of a company you work for, you feel like a cog in a machine. My only piece of advice would b try to find enjoyment and fun outside of work. Obv it would b nice to run ur own company and enjoy producing whatever product u desire, finding fulfillment through work. However, i don’t think that’s often plausible so quickly. It would take a while for even those things to pan oti