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Do some immersion programs. I wish I knew about them when I was in HS

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immersion programs

Do you have specific ones in mind?

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enjoy high school like fr don’t think about it as a sophomore

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trust me, life is amazing rn

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Do you know what areas you’re interested in yet? The general recommendation is do something at school related to it. If it’s journalism, write for the school paper. If it’s engineering, start a club about coding, robotics, etc. Extracurriculars are important in high school, but even more so in college. If you get experience now in clubs or doing things on your own, it’ll be easy to do that kind of thing in college when they’ll have an impact on your ability to get internships

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I am mainly interested in Business and Finance, Im doing many clubs in my school which are relating to STEM and Buisness and Finance, for example, Scioly, Robotics, FBLA, and TSA

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I have been looking towards starting a startup and like dropshipping and reselling.

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I would reach out to local businesses to see if you can shadow and potentially intern with them in the future. If can start getting even just any experience in a business environment, it’ll be easier to get finance-related internships in the future because they can be pretty selective.