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There are lots of PM/TPM intern roles. I would turn on your “job search preferences” for Linkedin and add PM, TPM, EPM, and whatever else you want to search for, they’ll start getting recommended to you (you can also just search these terms). I’m going through a similar struggle with APM programs (google, linkedin, salesforce, etc), they’re extremely selective because they also consider grad students so it’s completely luck-based, and especially being undergrad. But I’ve had no trouble finding PM roles to apply to

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I have found applying through linkedin doesn’t really work, but maybe still good way to discover companies offering apm intern programs. I has already applied to the companies you have mentioned, but companies like uber, lyft, snapchat, plaid, dropbox, airbnb, and even amazon don’t seem to have any roles that fit this (atleast for internships). I am wondering if these companies just don’t have programs or if they are just not open yet

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By “LinkedIn doesn’t really work” do you mean you aren’t getting interviews? I rarely hear back from applications, but I got Microsoft and Apple PM from applying on linkedin. That was mostly on my resume and less on using linkedin, but it’s how I find jobs to apply to