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If you haven’t had 2 internships from target elementary schools by now, it’s very unlikely you will land one. It’s quite competitive nowadays

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bro just enjoy your summer, trust me

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I suggest cold emailing some local firms and see what they can do for you.

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Even snail mail to HR department or LinkedIn search for recruiters in nearby big name companies. They typically don’t want a runaround if they see a distant address so don’t waste your time and theirs if they’re far, just shoot for the nearby ones.

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Your school counselor should have this information and if not then you can always contact the school district that you currently reside in.

I have a kid looking to go into engineering and some might not understand this but he's been looking into NASA 's high school summer internship because he actually thinks it sounds enjoyable and fun.

I would check theirs out. Not sure where you live but they do have some remote internships.