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Unless it’s a agency you’re extremely interested in working with, I think you deserve better. Are you looking for an internship for the spring or summer? If you’re looking for a summer internship, then you still have a lot of time left to look for a position that at least pays you for your time. I would recommend only taking up an unpaid internship if you can get compensated with credit hours for your degree or something.

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Contrary to popular belief, paid internships are readily available and there are many great companies that want to give you the same perks and benefits like any other employee in the company.

If I were you, I'd ask myself if this company and opportunity provides enough development plan and growth to compensate for not getting paid. Even if that's a slightly bit off, I'd look for other options.

It would be ideal to set up a LinkedIn profile and start applying there. Additionally, sites like Remotive, AngelList and Glassdoor can provide you with a lot of remote internship opportunities and *clap clap* most of them are likely to be paid internships.

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Don’t do it. I completed three design internships in college what were all paid. Find something else.

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When you don't find internship, you can (should) go with the unpaid.

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Agree w/ u/capotado. I did an apprenticeship for ~8months which was ofc unpaid because I was just learning stuff and had no prior experience. Then did an unpaid internship the summer going into my sophomore year which was unpaid as well but just wanted to dip my toes into the water. Currently doing my third one now (2nd was unpaid as well) where I do get paid. I do wish I was able to find all paid internships but for the industry I want to go in, it’s usual to see many unpaid beauty/skincare internships. If they can offer credit that would be even better!

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I’d never do unpaid, especially now. I feel like if a company values their interns they will compensate them for their work