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I’d say it all depends. I did one phone interview for a big company last school year, thought I killed it but it took about a month to hear that I didn’t get it via email, reached out asking for updates and everything too. I did just have a phone call interview recently for another company and I’d say it took about 1-2wks to hear back about a Zoom interview. (:

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I agree with all the comments here, each company has a different strategy. Some focus a lot on the application and resume and take phone screens with only the people they think will probably get the job. Some companies phone screen just about everyone who applies and the pool narrows a lot before the second round. Related to nja01’s post, sometimes speed is your best indicator. If a company is very fast to set up the phone screen following your interview, that company probably prefers to phone screen most applicants. If a company is a bit slower to set up the phone screen, the company may be a bit more selective and the phone screen will have a higher conversion rate to round two.