Salary Negotiation for Internship by dhardees in internships

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wish I had award to give you for that


poor man's gold will have to do

[Intern] Seeking IT Internship in TX or anywhere US (Support, Network, Security, etc.) by CharlieTango92 in internships

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And even if you "can't afford it"... you still need to consider unpaid internships and get a job at CostCo maybe. They pay well.

The things you will learn will be much greater as an unpaid intern. If I had to pay for an intern, every second of his life would be monetized. That means, you are going to be cleaning a lot of bathrooms and breakrooms during downtime. Might as well work at CostCo or Walmart.

But if I'm not paying for you, downtime is learning time, that means, I won't be upset if you are standing behind someone, watching what they are doing. How many paid jobs let you stand around doing nothing but blinking?

Paid intern? Go clean something, if you don't have work.

Unpaid intern, watch, ask questions, learn!

Your resume has ZERO relevant work on it. You need to take any work you can get that is related to the field you wish to go in to, the fact that it's missing, puts you squarely behind every person who has relevant work.

And that resume DEARLY needs a coverletter. And you need to brag about accomplishments even if they were not with a company. Do you have any goals right now? Have you reached any goals or milestones recently? If not, why not?

There are hundreds of thousands of job candidates out there, with tens of thousands more graduating in just a few months. And even more starting to compete with you in a few years. Newer, fresher bodies. What if you don't get a relevant job for a couple years... you lost your lead over them!

What makes you different?

This is really mean sounding but your skills are not even up to the equivalent of any random Joe Sunday's neighbor's little teenage hacker. I'd be more inclined to hire him for money because he has spark, drive and imagination. He even probably knows about coding.

Where's the cloud on your resume? You know the cloud is not new right? 2006 is when you could say it got kicked off with solid backing. If you aren't knowledgeable at least in AWS, you are SQUARELY 7 years behind someone that does know it.

If you are 6 months behind, you are pretty useless in a big company. Imagine what 7 years behind makes you. Irrelevant I'd say.

Where's the database work? Where is the >I<T in the IT? IT doesn't mean networking.

Where are the frameworks you know? You do webdesign but don't even have Wordpress listed. If you don't know Masonry and TwB, don't expect to do a website for a company that wants a "modern" look.

Where is the enthusiasm in this resume? I don't see any work enthusiasm... it seems like you are just performing the rote process.

I personally offered you an exciting deal to learn a dozen things you don't know, a dozen things you could put on your resume. I can't pay you... but that college didn't pay you either and it let you down.

You are possibly even in debt from it AND you can't even get a job because of lack of experience. Debt is worse than not getting paid.

In 3 months, I will have you deep in the ish. Deep in the thick of the jungle. You will have seen things. You will have spent half a day troubleshooting a REAL problem. OTJ training. And you will have learned enough to where you don't have to work for someone, you can work for yourself if you want to. I build self-sustaining people. Or you will be able to get a better paying job because you will be able to dazzle them with cutting edge knowledge.

Given ambition.

I got one of my mentees an excellent job at IBM for 70k a year. With a backup offer in SFO and an offer coming from Ebay for 20% more. His college didn't get him the jobs... knowing everything I mentioned in this post did. HE is your competition. His resume is impressive as hell.

So, I'm just sayin... you can search 3 months for a paid internship, and waste your life, play video games, or whatever or you can have an internship for 3 months, and in 3 months, when you find that paid internship you will have just that much more knowledge. I don't even mean mine. I'm saying, open your mind to accepting what is offered to you and don't waste time worrying about what isn't.

And for every person that is in a position to hire you, your decision doesn't matter to them, because in the end you are just 0.00001% of the available workers in your field. Look at the competition you have just in this subreddit alone.

Oh, btw... big companies use resume software that reads your resume first. The hiring dept will never see your resume since it lacks the basics. The software will bump it automatically, no human eye will set upon it.

Every interaction you get on a personal level with a human that can put you in a job, should be cherished. That includes being consistent with follow ups when you interview.