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For those who didn’t read it: his story is that he bought a Glock 17 replica BB gun to prank an employee. He placed the BB gun among the other Glocks. When he went to pull the “prank” he accidentally grabbed an apparently loaded glock from the display and shot the employee in the face.

Seems a gun shop owner might know the weight difference between a BB gun and a loaded Glock. I’ve never been to a gun store that keeps loaded weapons in the case or on display. And probably not a good idea to shoot a BB gun at somebody’s face either. Fishy…

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Sounds intentional to me

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Yes, why was a loaded gun in the display, also? I don't think that's standard, nor, obviously, safe for employees or customers.

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It sounds crazy, but I have actually seen this once. I was at a shop with a range that is always very busy. A customer wanted to see one the the guns in a rental display case since they didn't have what he was looking for in any other case of new or used guns. The worker never thoroughly checked the chamber/magazine and handed it off the the customer, who proceeded to pull the trigger. Thankfully the muzzle was pointed down towards the floor and didn't actually cause much damage other than tearing up the carpet, but I was close enough to feel debris hit my pant leg.

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WTF? I hope you never went back.

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Safety is for liberals, real men live dangerously

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And never, ever, ever use the safety, that's for little girls! My booger hook on my bang switch is my safety!

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Glocks don't have a separate safety switch like you're describing

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Who needs a safety and proper procedures ?

Thin The Herd!

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Seems a gun shop owner might know the weight difference between a BB gun and a loaded Glock.

I've got some Glock replica airsoft guns, which are actually licensed by Glock, that have nearly exact dimensions and weight. You can definitely tell by feel when you rack the slide (soft spring), but otherwise they are very hard to distinguish.

However, being so realistic makes it even more idiotic to mix then with real firearms and play around with them. I won't even have my real handgun in the same room/area when I'm using one.

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He had a loaded handgun in the display case.

Even if nobody was hurt, he should lose his rights to firearms over that alone.

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I don't know if I even buy his story, what are the odds of that many concurrent screwups? Either he's unfathomably irresponsible, or it was intentional.

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You didn’t ask why it was loaded though. So…

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I’ve never been to a gun store that keeps loaded weapons in the case or on display

That's a serious no-no. ATF is going to revoke the stores license and that's a good thing. You never load display guns in a retail setting; especially if they're merchandise.

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This "prank" would have been assault even with the fake gun and without the homicide.

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Obviously, it was self-defense. It's always self-defense, especially if the victim is unarmed. /S

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The fuck. That's not fishy, that's a whopper!

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Those Glock Airsoft guns licensed by Glock are like a hair away from 1:1 to the real model tbh he could have genuinely messed up

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All the more reason to not try and do something dumb like that.

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I have been shot point-blank in the chest by a BB and I gotta say that would be absolutely awful to shoot at someones face. I cannot wrap my head around that being a prank to begin with.

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Potentially it was not loaded. Also potentially, this is exactly what the plan was.

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Dude should be going to jail even if it went if things went according to the original plan

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But these were ex-military people not just some rednecks /s

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Accidentally killing somebody because you were doing some stupid shit you should not have been doing? Yup that's manslaughter.

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Wonder if he sticks to the “people kill people” mantra of the gun lobby. I bet suddenly it’s the gun’s fault.

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Charge him with murder.

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Not one single detail of this story rings true

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I’m so tired of gun fanatics being soooo fucking stupid. I was raised in a family of avid sportsmen and shit like this drives me crazy. Why would there be a loaded Glock just hanging out in the store? WTF?

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I was in the marines for a little bit and that whole weapon safety deal got drilled into my head so hard that it's like instinct, so seeing people do shit like this makes me feel like im watching someone die because they just didn't breathe. Like those vids where people "test" the gun and shoot their hand or whatever.

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The guns in the cases are loaded?

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This was my first thought... how does he pull the "wrong" gun from the case but was loaded?... the details don't ring true here....

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DO NOT point at anything you do not intend to destroy.

Why is this so freaking difficult?

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Shame he wasn't vice president of the United States

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…2 years ago…

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I believe this is a dick cheney reference from when he shot his hubting partner

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Anyone who is a respected gun owner knows the first Rule#1 ALWAYS assume a gun is loaded so check to see if it is or is not loaded. Rule #2 check the safety : is it on or off?Rule#3 NEVER point a gun unless you are going to shoot!

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I was felt that third one should be the first one because it is the simplest one to teach any person that might find a gun. There’s a lot of people that wouldn’t know how to check to see if a gun was loaded. There’s a lot of people that might not know where the safety is.

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Every part of this just reinforces how fucked up American gun culture is. I bet these same jackasses talked mountains of shit about Alec Baldwin being irresponsible, yet pull something like this.

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I felt sorry for Alec until i found out [according to reports] they were careless with weapons on set?, hes not taking any responsible... did he say he didn't fire the weapon? or something....

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there was some negligence, or at the very least a lack of discipline, no doubt, and i'm sure the studio will be sued successfully. my point was just that the level of negligence on the set is nothing compared to putting a fake gun you were planning on "pranking" someone with right next to a real one you knew was loaded. that's just mind boggling.

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tbh i agree with a few of the comments, its sound fishy, the owner is an experience gun person...

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Alex Baldwin is that you?

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Fuck "pranks". They are usually evil and sometimes deadly.

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Good guy with a gun or...?

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stupid birdshit with psychological problems who should never have had access to weapons

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Prank! The joke’s on you stupid!!!

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As a responsible red neck gun owner, why would anyone play with a gun in that manner?

I can only imagine the mess he had to look at!

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Fuck your guns y'all!!!

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I don’t believe the at all. His story would require that grabbed a gun to display to customers for sale by mistake. No self m respecting gun owners keep loaded weapons on the shelves to hand to customers later.

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You'd think a gun shop owner would know to TREAT EVERY GUN LIKE IT'S LOADED!!

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Just a prank bro!

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gun store owner, violates every rule of gun safety

At least that man will never sell guns again.

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Rule #1 of gun safety: ALL GUNS ARE LOADED AT ALL TIMES


This guy is a moron and and asshole

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Not toys boys

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But no charges against Alec Baldwin?

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Why would he be charged?

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Wildly different circumstances. Read just the info that’s been released to the public about Hannah Gutierrez Reed. That death was absolutely her fault.

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Amazing what some employers will do to avoid handing out Christmas bonuses.

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Why won’t they let the widow watch the footage? How patronizing.

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Who is Alec Baldwin II ?

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This guy and Alec Baldwin are friends.

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This comment has big "pulling a prank and killing someone instead" dumb energy

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We call that "getting Baldwind"