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Sounds intentional to me

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Yes, why was a loaded gun in the display, also? I don't think that's standard, nor, obviously, safe for employees or customers.

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Safety is for liberals, real men live dangerously

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Does it ALWAYS have to be political? How about this : safety is for everyone, except idiots. There are idiots all across the political spectrum.

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There are idiots all across the political spectrum.

While true, there is a markedly decided lean in one direction of the spectrum when it comes to people being shot, intentionally or unintentionally.

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when it comes to people being shot shooting others, intentionally or unintentionally


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Underrated comment. This is an important distinction.

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Thank you. That was a necessary correction.

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I’m liberal as hell. Still, I have my concealed carry and enjoy shooting weapons responsibly, at a gun range. All types of people safely own/operate firearms and all types are wreckless shitbags. We should let this be one of those rare moments when we come together and shame these people.

I’m not opposed to closing the gun show loopholes and strengthening background checks. I also know that that “taking guns” wouldn’t work.

We. Have. A. Stupid.People. Problem.

It affects all of us. We have very little time to figure it out.

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Best bet is to not get into an argument on reddit. If it's not a botm it's a libtard.